Wayne Allyn Root: “Get Ready For President Hillary Clinton, VP Michelle Obama”

2008 Libertarian Party Vice Presidential Nominee, past two-term, at-large LNC member (2010-2012), and current “Conservative Warrior/Capitalist Evangelist,” Wayne Allyn Root, who claims in a TownHall.com post earlier today (28 Nov 2021) that:

“my predictions have been remarkably accurate. . . . close to .990 . . . best record of anyone in the media. . . . almost everything I’ve predicted has come true”,

predicts that Joe Biden / Kamala Harris will be replaced with President Hillary Clinton / Vice-President Michelle Obama prior to the 2024 election campaign.

The full set of predictions can be read on TownHall.com HERE.

Mr. Root resigned his membership in the LP, at-large position on the LNC (about 4 months after having been elected to a second term), and chairmanship of the LNCC on 06 September 2012.

His resignation letter, associated IPR coverage, and reader comments can be found HERE.

In this 2011 interview with Matt Welch of Reason Magazine, Mr. Root explains how he has “a great shot” to be the first Libertarian President of the United States in 2016 or 2020, and how the TEA Party has “blown by” the Libertarian Party.

(IPR is not exactly entirely certain as to whether these predictions were included among those used for the denominator of the calculation of the prior 99.0 percent political prediction accuracy rate estimation.)

15 thoughts on “Wayne Allyn Root: “Get Ready For President Hillary Clinton, VP Michelle Obama”

  1. SocraticGadfly

    #BREAKING! Wayne Allyn Root proves why he’s an EX-Libertarian by repeating the most Rethuglican of presidential campaign talking points. @Joseph since he’s lying anyway, as is clearly shown at the link, it doesn’t matter whether the .990 includes this prediction or not.

    Well, let’s be charitable. Maybe he has “right” and “wrong” confused and in THAT case, he’s hit 99 percent on the nose.

    It also shows how, per Alan Simpson, Townhall will run anything that comes over the transom, eh?

  2. Joseph Buchman Post author

    George Phillies @November 28, 2021 at 21:55

    Wayne outlines the process (resignation of the VP, replacement with Hillary Clinton, resignation of the President, new VP Michelle Obama) in the article at Townhall (linked above). Seems highly unlikely this could occur in the next 14 months, given the also predicted by Wayne (and others) return of R majorities in both the House and Senate.

  3. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    Root used to obsess about Obama being “his classmate” at Columbia, whom he never met. Hence, his conspiracy theory that Obama never attended Columbia.

    Root never got over that Obama became so much more successful than him. Hence, the Obamas continue to live rent free in Root’s head.

  4. Aiden

    “ Wayne outlines the process (resignation of the VP, replacement with Hillary Clinton, resignation of the President, new VP Michelle Obama) in the article at Townhall (linked above). Seems highly unlikely this could occur in the next 14 months, given the also predicted by Wayne (and others) return of R majorities in both the House and Senate.”

    If Harris resigns there is no tie breaking vote in the senate and I will guarantee no Republican will vote to confirm Clinton to the VP slot; especially with now less than a year to the mid-term elections.

  5. Tony From Long Island

    As a Democrat (and former libertarian), I can say that this is laughably stupid.

  6. Shawn Levasseur

    As always, pay no attention to WAR. He’s focused on only one topic…

    Getting attention for himself.

  7. Guess

    To correct the article, Mr. ROOT currently writes at Town Hall in the cited article in the very first paragraph that his remarkable 99% prediction accuracy record applies only to the last 6 years. Statements to a magazine 10 years ago are clearly outside the bounds of that claim.

    That the T party blew past the L party wasn’t a prediction by 2011, it was a fact. There were far more people involved with T party rallies, meetings, forums, lobbying, fundraising, and so on than with the L party. There’s a strong argument to be made that it paved the way for the Trump nomination and presidency. Root was not predicting that it would evolve into a separate political party that would run against the Republican nominees there, although at that time that was a real possibility.

    In 2011, Root still retained Hope that his force of personality would transform the L party, with him as its front man, into the political party vehicle of the T party – essentially, that he would assume the role that ended up being taken by Trump, except that he would do it as a third party candidate. That Trump would have done it as a third party candidate was a real possibility in 2016, and again earlier this year when the R party threatened the possibility that it may turn against him.

    A year later, Root gave up on this hope for the L party. It didn’t end up being him, and it didn’t end up being through a third party, but the political current that Root predicted at least as far back as 2006 and which in 2011 was manifesting itself as the T party, ended up taking one of the two major parties and electing a President who may very well be back in the next election and could very well win it.

  8. Joseph Buchman Post author

    Guess @ November 30, 2021 at 11:55

    wrote: “To correct the article, Mr. ROOT currently writes at Town Hall in the cited article in the very first paragraph that his remarkable 99% prediction accuracy record applies only to the last 6 years.”

    I stand corrected. Thanks. Indeed I missed that qualifier. Your other points are well made as well.

    As to the prediction that 2024 will see incumbents Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama running for (re) election? Any thoughts?

    If I’m still around IPR then, I’ll post a follow-up.

    Hope you’ll continue commenting here until then as well.


  9. Joseph Buchman Post author

    Just saw a tweet where the prediction (not sure if it’s with Wayne Allyn Root or not) is that the current VP will fill the next vacant seat on the SCOTUS. . . .

    Lots of wild prophesy and predictions flying around – from the takeover/reset in Reno, reinstatement and deification of the recently removed secretary, to Michelle Obama as the POTUS who will be running for (re) election in 2024.

    Daytime soap operas even at their peak have nothing on political drama. Maybe they never did.

  10. Guess

    I don’t think it’s that far fetched that some Republicans, particularly relative moderate ones such as Murkowski, Collins or Romney, would confirm a Hillary Clinton VP nomination if the alternative were having no VP and the oldest president in the country’s nearly quarter millennium. It probably won’t come to that, but if it did, I think it’s more likely they would confirm than not.

    I think Root is probably exaggerating how unpopular the incumbents are, but it’s early on. They could become increasingly, spiralling out of control unpopular as world and national circumstances get worse and worse. Of course, they might also benefit from world and national event’s improvement. Either way, I agree they are rather inept at public image management. The closest parallel I can think of in recent history is Jimmy Carter.

    Of course, these parallels are far from perfect , but if you think of Trump’s first term as both of Nixon’s compressed into one, minus the resignation and appointment of Ford, Trump in 2024 could well play the role of Reagan in 1980 against Biden as Carter. Biden currently says he’ll run in 2024. If so, he’ll be running for a term that he would conclude at age 86. I can easily see the decision to run again being reversed. I don’t think failing to conclude his current term is that far fetched either.

    VP Harris is indeed even less popular than Biden. If circumstances and inept image management continue to spiral their popularity down, I can see her resigning. If she runs instead of Biden in 2024, I can see a contentious fight for the nomination which she may or may not win, whereas Trump would most likely glide into the Republican nomination with fairly minimal opposition. That would most likely set up a second Trump term as by far the most likely outcome.

    So, the possibility that Harris could resign with a shaky President Biden doesn’t seem too far fetched. I doubt Mrs. CLINTON would be the replacement VP, but that’s not too far fetched either. If she is, I don’t know that Republican senators would prefer, e.g. , Speaker Pelosi to be next in line, either. They could gamble on winning the House in 2022, which seems likely right now, but that would give Biden time to resign and hand it over to Pelosi, or the speaker pro tem of the Senate (Leahy? That would be a skip) or Secretary Blinken, before the theoretical Republican takeover of congress. Also, what if Democrats defy expectations and keep Congress in next year’s election?

    In that scenario, I think the Republican Senators, or at least enough of them, would most likely confirm the VP nominee, even if it’s HRC, but it probably would not be. Where I think Root really goes off the rails though is that in that scenario President Clinton would run with VP MICHELLE OBAMA. I’ll just say now that is not going to happen. Michelle Obama is famously not interested. She wasn’t a big fan of her husband’s going into politics, but reluctantly went along. She has always vehemently denied any chance she would want to run herself.

    But suppose she is lying, or changes her mind? Sure, she would help turn out black women, younger people, and liberals to vote. They’ll probably turn out in big numbers anyway, regardless of how bad their nominees are, to prevent a second Trump term. And the VP spot does a lot less to drive turnout than pundits keep thinking it does.

    But she’d crater the turn out among black and Hispanic men, or lead many to vote for Trump, especially with Clinton at the top of the ticket. I doubt such a ticket would play well among suburban swing voters, Bernie-Trump voters, or a lot of other demographics the Democrats would need to win. We just now have the first female VP. There’s never been a female president. I don’t see a two women ticket, especially with a liberal black woman, as a winnable proposition for the Democrats at this stage. Maybe in 30 years, but I highly doubt in three.

    A ticket like that would be great for turnout…among Republicans, GOP learners, and crossover voters who usually vote D. Which is why it is almost certainly wishful thinking by Root. Great for getting clicks on his articles and continuing to build his brand, but that’s not how the Democrats choose their nominees. At least, I don’t think they would be that stupid. I’d bet heavily against. What odds is Wayne giving? I saw his wager offer, but not a money line.

  11. Austin Cassidy

    I agree with Shawn and Tony that Wayne Root is a clown and a grifter.

    As to the various crazy scenarios outlined above, the only thing that feels remotely viable would be appointing Kamala Harris to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court. But not as some kind of moronic plot to make Hillary Clinton president. Instead, “elevating” Harris to the court would allow Biden to pick a more electable successor for 2024 or 2028. Could be smart politics. Will it happen? Probably not.

  12. Joseph Buchman Post author

    IPR will be here for the follow-up and debrief on this prediction in November 2024. If I’m still here I’ll be sure to post an update then.

    Wayne, unlike others who I disagree with from time to time, was always to a person a kind, generous, exceedingly gracious, and hospitable.

    If he showed up at my door, I’d invite him in for a beer, ribs, and a screening of a film in my home theater in a heartbeat.

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