Center for Competitive Democracy Files Petition re – FEC $175,000+ “Repayment” Demand Against GP’s Jill Stein

A 07 Dec 2021 Media Release from the Center for Competitive Democracy (CDC) states:

“Nearly five years after the 2016 presidential election — the FEC notified Dr. (Jill) Stein that she and her campaign committee must repay $175,272 in primary matching funds received during that election. The Stein Campaign spent the funds on petition drives to obtain ballot access nationwide — activity that the FEC itself identifies as equivalent to a primary election — but the FEC nevertheless concluded that the expenditures were not qualified primary expenses. Now it is demanding repayment of the entire amount. And Dr. Stein herself is personally liable for the payment.” (emphasis added)
The full Statement of Reasons mentioned in the above letter can be found HERE. The crux of the FEC’s argument appears to be:

“As a general matter, general election ballot access expenses are qualified campaign expenses for minor party candidates. . . . To be considered a qualified campaign expense, however, the expense must be incurred on or before the candidate’s (Date Of Ineligibility).”

The Petition for Review filed by Oliver B Hall, Counsel for the Petitioners, can be found HERE.

According to the CDC Media Release, “Dr. Stein has been forced to withdraw $175,272 from her retirement savings and deposit it in an escrow account until her appeal is decided.

“If the FEC is permitted to enforce this order . . . it will also deter other qualified candidates from seeking matching funds for their campaigns – who can afford the risk of getting stuck with a $175,000 bill five years after an election?”

Mr. Hall also serves as Special Counsel to the Libertarian National Committee.  The CCD is representing Dr. Stein pro bono. 

Dr. Stein, the Green Party POTUS nominee in both 2012 and 2016 has posted on various social media and other websites that:

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. Independent politics provides that demand. Without it, power elites don’t budge. . . . the imperative for independent opposition politics has never been greater. We and our legal team are eager to challenge the FEC’s unjust decision. . . . Polls show unprecedented hunger for a new party, disgust with the political establishment, and strong support for our visionary solutions.”

IPR readers who wish to support the CDC, may make a tax-deductible donation HERE.

IPR readers who wish to support Dr. Stein may do so at her website HERE.

One thought on “Center for Competitive Democracy Files Petition re – FEC $175,000+ “Repayment” Demand Against GP’s Jill Stein

  1. Gene Berkman

    “Polls show unprecedented hunger for a new party…” Yet election returns indicate that demand is not for the Green Party.

    In 2016 Dr Stein came in 4th place with 1,457,000 while 4,490,000 voted for Gary Johnson on the Libertarian ticket. In 2020, 407,000 Americans voted for Howie Hawkins on the Green Party ticket; Jo Jorgensen received 1,866,000 votes on the Libertarian ticket.

    Claiming the voters want a third party is not an excuse to pick the taxpayers pockets, especially when you are in the fourth party.

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