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WATCH: Libertarian U.S. Senate Candidates William Henry and James Sceniak on Candidates Corner

Pat Ford chatted with William Henry and James Sceniak on this week’s edition of the LP’s Candidates Corner. The pair of men are currently seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination to run for U.S. Senate in Indiana next year.

Henry was the party’s nominee for Lt. Governor in 2020, running with Donald Rainwater III. The ticket scored an impressive 11.44% showing (345,567 votes) in a contested 3-way race with a Republican and Democrat also on the ballot.

Skip to approximately the 17 minute mark of the video to begin the segment with both candidates. Ford is quick to stress this is not a debate, but a more casual conversation about issues relevant to the voters of Indiana.

To learn more about the candidates visit James Sceniak’s website here and William Henry’s here. The party’s nominating convention will be held from March 4-6, 2022.

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  1. Anastasia Beaverhausen Anastasia Beaverhausen December 21, 2021

    Does Indiana have that many Libertarians ? Why can’t these two guys sort it out and one of them run for another race? This is needless and divisive.

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