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MAPPED: Which Green Reigns Supreme?

Our favorite Twitter mapmaker Nick (@Mill226) has been graciously allowing us to republish some of his maps here on IPR. If you find these kinds of visualizations interesting, you should definitely follow him on Twitter.

As a special commission for IPR, we’ve asked Nick to do a set of maps comparing the Green Party’s showings in presidential elections from 1996 to 2020. This is the first in a planned series of posts where we’ll look at comparing the relative regional strength of different third party candidates over the years.

So, up first we have 1996-2020 map of top Green candidate by county. As you might expect, Nader 2000 dominates but not everywhere. Stein 2016 outpolled him in some more conservative areas, Hispanic areas like South Texas, areas where there were more protest votes & less “natural” Green Party support.

In this second map we remove Nader 2000 but keep Nader 1996 in there, creating some interesting liberal vs conservative divides on the West Coast and in Colorado between Nader 1996 (setting the record in more liberal areas) & Stein 2016 which does better in more conservative areas, which could be just a reflection of the large overall 2016 protest vote.

And then finally we have a map that removed both Nader campaigns, mapping David Cobb in 2004 up to Howie Hawkins in 2020. As you might expect, Jill Stein dominates most of this map.



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  1. Green Day Green Day January 22, 2022

    “Santa Fe NM is strange as it was one of the only spots where Nader did better in his often-forgotten 1996 run than he did in 2000. Nader got 7.1% in Santa Fe in 1996, dropped to 6.5% in 2000. Maybe NM liberals realizing how close the state would be? (Gore won by only 366 votes!)”

    On a statewide basis the Ralph Nader Campaign improved to 3.55% in the 2000 Election from 2.38% in the 1996 Campaign in the state of New Mexico. If Greens are to ever become the future the notion of spoiler must be Erased.

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