News & Notes: McMullin Tops $1 Million in Fundraising, Kennedy Talks Thorium with Libertarian

McMULLIN BANKS BIG BUCKS: Evan McMullin’s independent campaign for U.S. Senate in Utah has banked over $1 million. The campaign claims this total is a first in the history of Utah, more than any Senate challenger in the state has ever raised in one quarter AND more than incumbent Mike Lee has raised in any previous quarter.

“I’m humbled and inspired by the coalition we’re building,” McMullin said in a press release. “Thousands of Utahns — Republicans, Democrats and independents — are demanding change and have stepped up to support our campaign. I’m grateful for everyone who has sacrificed to contribute to this effort. It’s evidence of Utahns’ rejection of the broken politics of Washington and demand for new leadership that puts Utah’s interests first.”

RAY-DIO ACTIVE: Fox News Radio’s podcast Kennedy Saves the World sat down with the head of the Libertarian Party’s “Energy From Thorium Caucus” James M. Ray to discuss the future of Thorium-based nuclear power. Ray explains to Kennedy that “Thorium is a safe and practical option to supply the globe with an abundance of clean energy.”

GREENS HOLD RCV WEBINAR: The Ballot Access Committee of the Green Party of the United States will host a Zoom Webinar Presentation on Sunday, January 23 celebrating Ranked Choice Voting Day.

PHILLY SEAT OPENS UP: A Philadelphia city councilmember has resigned, triggering a special election. The Libertarian and Green Parties can nominate candidates, while other third parties must circulate nominating petitions.


2 thoughts on “News & Notes: McMullin Tops $1 Million in Fundraising, Kennedy Talks Thorium with Libertarian

  1. Andy

    So former CIA man and Republican Party water boy, Egg McMuffin, is cashing in on his 15 minutes of fame for US for running for President for Bill Krystal and the neo-cons in order to try to siphon enough votes away from Donald Trump in 2016 for him to lose to Hillary Clinton, which ended up not working.

  2. SocraticGadfly

    I don’t know about safe, but “practical”? As of this time, productive thorium fission remains about just as much “just around the corner” as fusion.

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