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News & Notes: Walker Banks Big Labor Cash, Jason Pye on Creating Viable Third Parties

WALKER/DRYGAS BANKS LABOR CASH: The Independent gubernatorial ticket of former Governor Bill Walker and his running mate Heidi Drygas show nearly $65,000 in contributions from labor political action committees (PAC). The money comes from 12 separate labor PACs and represents nearly 10% of their reported income of $667,000.

PYE ON VIABLE THIRD PARTIES: “Our ballot access laws are some of the most draconian in the country,” Jason Pye explained to the Atlanta Civic Circle. Until earlier this month, he served on the Libertarian Party of Georgia’s executive committee, and he’s also been its legislative director.

MEET HARRISON KEMP: Maine’s Harrison Kemp is the latest Libertarian to sit down for an extended “candidates corner” interview for the LP’s YouTube channel…

PENCE Q&A: The Cobb County Courier conducted a Q&A with Libertarian congressional hopeful Angela Pence, who is seeking to unseat Republican performance artist Marjorie Taylor Greene.

IOWA LIBERTARIANS: Rick Stewart and Marco Battaglia will run as the Libertarian Party of Iowa’s ticket in the state’s race for governor. Stewart, the candidate for governor, is a former law enforcement officer and food co-op founder. He was the Libertarian candidate in Iowa’s U.S. Senate race in 2020, and in the state’s 2018 election for state agriculture secretary.

In a news release, Stewart said he hopes to guide an end to the state’s “destructive and bigoted war on drugs,” ensure access to a quality education that includes “universal school choice,” and stand against the use of eminent domain on private carbon pipeline projects.

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