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Utah LP Holds Convention, Nominates Candidates, Elects Delegates

Former Mayor of Big Water, Utah, Willy Star Marshall sounds the Call to the UTLP’s 50th Anniversary Convention.  (Note: Reno will mark Willy’s 20th national Libertarian Party convention, having served as a delegate or alternate to every national LP convention since Denver in 1981 (with the exception of Saint Louis in 2010.))

Approximately 50 delegates participated in the Utah Libertarian Party State Convention, held in Layton, UT, Saturday 9 April 2022, following the Karl Bray Memorial Fundraising banquet which had been held in the same venue the prior evening.

The convention began with a contested debate between two candidates, Jimmy Hansen and Lucky Bovo, each seeking the party’s nomination for the United States Senate seat currently held by Mike Lee.

Jimmy Hansen                                                                                                               Lucky Bovo

Following the debate, which had been moderated by UTLP chair Barry Short; Hansen, a High School physics and astronomy teacher from Heber City, UT, received the nomination.

Michael Stoddard received the party’s nomination for US House District 3.

Former UTLP chair, and current chair of the LNC’s financial Audit Committee, Joseph Buchman received the nomination for Utah State Treasurer.

Adam Feller (District 7), and current UTLP chair Barry Short (District 28) received the party’s nominations for Utah State Senate.

Jacob Johnson (District 9),  Brent Zimmerman (District 16), Daniel Cottam (District 20), Jeremy Baker (District 51), and past UTLP Chair W. Andrew McCullough (District 52) received nominations for the Utah State House.

Attorney J. Robert Latham, also a past UTLP state chair, received the party’s nomination for Washington County Attorney.

Richard Jensen was nominated for the State School Board (District 14), Christopher Orozco for Granite School District (Seat 5), and Jenny Stoker for the Davis County School Board (District 6).

Fuzzy Nance received the nomination for Carbon County Commissioner-Surveyor, Sarah Patino for Tooele County Council (District 5), Brian Rowley for Weber County Commission (Seat B), and Michael Franchek for the Summit County Council (Seat E).

The following were elected as delegates to the national party convention:

Jeremy Baker, Joe Buchman, Riana Coombs, Reed Coverdale, Justin Evans, Emilee Follett, David Iglesias, Brad Lammi, Phil Lammi, Rob Latham, Kelsey Lippold, Willy Star Marshall, and Barry Short (delegation chair).

More information about the Utah Libertarian Party, founded by Karl Bray in 1972, can be found at the party’s website HERE.

PS Willy would like to find anyone who has been to more national LP conventions than he has, and in the absence of that, discover who has attended the second largest number of national LP conventions.  Interested IPR readers are encouraged to leave related information in the comments below.


  1. I was curious about Nathan Norman after reading these comments, so I did some digging.

    65% of the news that @CitizenNorman interacts with on Twitter is right leaning, 24% left leaning, & 11% center. Between 32 & 33% of the sources he interacts with are owned by wealthy private individuals. Matthew Azrieli – 10%, Jeff Bezos – 9%, Robert’s family – 7%, & Patrick Soon-shiong – 6%. “Wealthy Private owners” in this context is defined as: “Typically extremely rich individuals with a net worth in the tens of millions or greater and have a significant stake in the media outlet. Anyone in this category has built their wealth outside the media space and entered into media by buying a news asset after accumulating their significant wealth.” He also has a MAGA hashtag on his profile & also seems to be the creator & main contributor to a site called “IPR-X” which is described as a “blog for those of us who have been wrongfully banned from IPR.” Lastly on the about page for IPR-X, there is a hashtag that reads “#AltRight”

    Now with that said, I would confidently say that Nathan is more of a Republican posing as a libertarian, than an actual libertarian. But who am I to pull the “not a real libertarian” card. I agree that libertarianism & being gay does not inherently have anything to do with one another. However there is one thing here that is incredibly un-libertarian. That is imposing your own personal beliefs onto a movement that you seem to be antithetical to & using that to smear someone else in an attempt to discredit & invalidate, not only their contributions to the liberty movement but, them as a person all while trying to inflate your importance because you live a different life & that somehow makes you more “libertarian.” Which might I remind you, what happens in his bedroom is none of your business. Much like your bedroom business is none of ours. Nathan, you do not speak for all libertarians. Be better.

    Andy, Andy, Andy. You might be right that there is no writing from the libertarian forefathers that states explicitly “accept gay people.” But your assertion that libertarianism is ONLY about adhering to private property rights, the NAP & literally NOTHING else is false. There are many aspects of libertarianism. Such as voluntary association. You have every right to hold whatever belief you want. Based upon your beliefs, you have a right to align with organizations that hold similar beliefs. Conversely, so do organizations. Which means they can associate or disassociate with whomever the organization chooses. So you are right, holding those ideas do not stop someone from being a libertarian, but holding those ideas could stop you from being a member of your local affiliate, if they chose to do so. At which point you could start your own organization and have whatever dogma you choose. Lastly, take a piece of your own advice. Nowhere does it exclusively say that everyone must accept gay people. It also doesn’t exclusively state that everyone must accept straight people, or handicapped people, or black people, or any other type of identity politics standards you want to divide people with. Maybe you should be the BeTtEr LiBeRtArIaN and start concerning yourself with your private property & less about what other people are doing on their private property. As I said to Nathan above, Andy you do not speak for all libertarians. Be better.

    *mic drop*

  2. Joseph Buchman Joseph Buchman Post author | April 23, 2022


    “Kudos to my fellow Libertarians for defending Willy Marshall. He is a brother in Liberty and an ally worthy of praise and admiration. I dare anybody else to compare their record as an elected official against Mayor Willy’s record any day of the week.”


    Good to see you here. Looking forward to covering the Reno convention for IPR with you and Willy together at the Utah delegation table as well.


  3. Phil Lammi, UTLP Secretary, Utah LPMC Organizer Phil Lammi, UTLP Secretary, Utah LPMC Organizer April 23, 2022

    There is no purity test when it comes to being a Libertarian, as long as each proclaimed adherent believes, practices and promotes the Non-Aggression Principle and respects every adult’s choice to live as each sees fit. This principle is as basic as it gets and makes no personal moral judgment.

    My choice to follow my conscience and religious practices are mine to make alone and should be respected the same as anybody else who acts in good faith. If we are to be truly free, our bodily autonomy must be respected. I embrace all people from different walks of life and respect their choices, even if I am in total opposition to one’s self-destruction or ruin. It is highly immoral to promote and play “dictator” (use force or violence to achieve any means to strip honestly gained wealth, property and rights from another) but to love each other where we are and promote the best of each other. I stand with all who are willing to join me against tyranny and defend truth and honor.

    Just as Dr. Ron Paul has said, we must be a moral people and stand up to defend our liberties in order to keep and procure them, otherwise our society will continue to degrade and will fall into decay and rot.

    Kudos to my fellow Libertarians for defending Willy Marshall. He is a brother in Liberty and an ally worthy of praise and admiration. I dare anybody else to compare their record as an elected official against Mayor Willy’s record any day of the week.

  4. Andy Andy April 23, 2022

    LP of NH has been kicking butt lately.

  5. Andy Andy April 22, 2022

    It is astounding how many self professed libertarians do not understand the philosophy. Libertarianism is about adherence to property rights and the Non-Aggression Principle, and NOTHING else. It is NOT about being “socially liberal and fiscally conservative,” or at least that is DUMBED DOWN libertarianism, which leads to an inaccurate understanding of the philosophy.

    There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the libertarian philosophy that says that one MUST like or approve of or want to associate with gays, or not be a racist, or not hold any number of views a lot of people find offensive, or just be a rude A-HOLE. A person can believe whatever they want to believe, and engage in a myriad of lifestyle choices, and STILL be a libertarian, SO LONG AS THEY ADHERE TO RESPECT FOR PROPERTY RIGHTS AND THE NON-AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE.

    Now I can certainly see not wanting somebody as a spokesman who makes nasty comments about gays, or who uses racial or ethic slurs, or who is otherwise a rude A-HOLE, but these things alone do NOT define whether or not a person is a libertarian.

  6. Hmmmm Hmmmm April 21, 2022

    I thought they had a candidate endorsement committee. Is Marc Montoni the dictator now? I thought when Brian Holtz called him a triumvir it was just a rhetorical flourish.

  7. Joseph Buchman Joseph Buchman Post author | April 21, 2022

    Facebook LNC discuss page, chat with Mark re: January 6 and public property.

  8. Morey Morey April 21, 2022

    Hi Joe, are your comments regarding a declined endorsement from the RC from a Facebook discussion? If it’s somewhere public I’d be interested in reading them.

  9. Brian Rowley Brian Rowley April 20, 2022

    I’m astounded that a libertarian could be so offended by a grown man for being gay. How un-libertarian is it to say a sexual orientation is immoral or wrong? I personally wish I could be bi and open up my dating pool, but because sexual orientation is not a choice, I simply cannot choose to look into other avenues of finding someone to share my time with. But I’ll be damned if I’ll sit idly by while someone slams anyone for their lack of a choice in the matter.
    Now to the rest of the article because this article has nothing to do with any of the comment section.
    State was an awesome event. I’m so glad I was there to experience it. Thank you Joe for the article and for my (and everyone else’s) inclusion of the candidates.
    Excited to see most of you in reno!

  10. Joseph Buchman Joseph Buchman Post author | April 20, 2022

    Bill’s first convention was 1986.

    Also the Boston Globe’s research on the Catholic Church showed that sex abuse of boys by Catholic Heterosexual Priests (many who also abused girls – pedophiles don’t care), was because “boys were more likely to keep quiet about it.”

    What it does support is the fact that pedophiles have sex with children. And many use marriage as a beard. And many also have sex with adults. And most of that is heterosexual. Helps pedophiles . . . hide.

    Equating gay audits with pedophiles is not something *any* academic research supports

    Nor is such slanderous, anti-individualism, commendation something that Objectivists or Libertarians do.

    Those that have done it here to Mayor Marshall owe him àn equally public apology.

    At the very least.

    Or so it seems to me.

    Meanwhile in to my campaign for Utah state treasurer that the so called Radical Caucus does not support because I don’t claim a right to occupy the national capitol building in DC nor the state capitol building in Utah at any hour of the day or night. Nor do I think campaigning on selling off the building to a private investor is an especially good idea.

    Perhaps a motion on the floor to expel both me and my friend Willy and all like us from the Party would be good use of the delegates time in Reno? It would seem like that’s what “purist” Libertarians want more than any actual work to reduce the power of the state, or cerate the good things that happened at the Utah LP Convention because . . . RAINBOW SCARF TRIGGER!!!!!!!!

    How incredibly sad and twisted is that?

  11. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes April 20, 2022

    Note that this thread comments is bumping my comment in the PLAS thread sown the list.

  12. Nathan Norman Nathan Norman April 20, 2022

    “Abuse by public/openly homosexuals is astoundingly low and easily researched.”

    So you claim, but where’s the evidence?

    You can believe what you want but the facts remain. If you want to live in a fantasy world where sodomites are all-virtuous and don’t commit the majority of child sex abuse that’s your prerogative. But it’s also your prerogative to believe the Earth is flat and that the Sun revolves around us. That’s on you. I live in the real world and the rainbow propaganda machine has no effect on me.

  13. James Hansen James Hansen April 20, 2022

    The UTLP is focused on growing Liberty, not waging unfounded culture wars.

    NN, Paul Cameron’s paper from 1985 has two major flaws, 1. Any same-sex perpetration of child abuse was cataloged as perpetrated by a homosexual, where the perpetrator’s adult relationships were heterosexual. Abuse by public/openly homosexuals is astoundingly low and easily researched.
    2. Paul Cameron has a severe bias against the LGBTQ community. He has been willing to engage in fraud by misrepresenting data to support his unfounded and easily debunked claims.

    Any serious reader can follow a summary of Mr. Cameron here and the cited materials at the bottom of the page to view the primary documents:

  14. ATBAFT ATBAFT April 19, 2022

    Willie’s been a fantastically faithful convention goer. Maybe Bill Redpath is right up there?

  15. Daniel Cottam Daniel Cottam April 19, 2022

    As a libertarian I choose not to get involved with people and their sexual orientation as long as they let me practice mine and its happening between consenting adults. I think the problem here is NN has a fundamental problem telling the difference between consenting adults and those non consenting adults. Two people who consent should not be a problem for a libertarian regardless of where they live in the country or around the world

  16. Nathan Norman Nathan Norman April 19, 2022

    I still live in Pennsylvania but I often see the Twitter feed of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire and it seems not to share the woke bullshit of the national party.

  17. Andy Andy April 19, 2022

    Nathan, do you live in New Hampshire? I thought you claimed to live in Pennsylvania.

  18. Adam Feller Adam Feller April 19, 2022

    It was a great convention, and I loved the energy from our party!

    We have many disagreements. Of course we do; we are Libertarians! We encompass the largest philosophical real estate of any political party. Whether you want just a little bit less government or are a full-on anarcho-capitalist, whether you are laser focused on a single issue or advocate for broad systemic change, there is a place for you!

    I love the fact that the Utah LP is not divided by the rancor and toxicity that has plagued other states. We just put our energy into making this party stronger every day.

    Congratulations to all of our fantastic, freedom pushing candidates and to our delegates and alternates that will represent us in Reno. Thank you all for taking action to advance liberty in our time.

  19. Ron Paul Caesar Ron Paul Caesar April 19, 2022

    I thought A was for Asexual.

    L- lesbian
    G- gay
    B- bisexual
    T- transsexual
    Q- queer
    I- intersex
    A- asexual
    P- pedophile
    2- 2 spirit
    +- everything else

  20. Adam Feller Adam Feller April 19, 2022

    The convention was a lot of fun and I loved the energy from our members.

    We have many disagreements. Of course we do; we are Libertarians! We encompass the largest philosophical real estate of any political party. Whether you want just a little less government or are a full-on anarcho-capalitalist or anything in between, whether you are focused in a single issue or want broad, systemic change, there is a place for you.

    For me, the only litmus test is whether you agree that no person has the moral right to initiate force against anyone else, no matter how many people vote for it.

    Our common enemies are the warfare/welfare/police/surveillance state and its support system of the corporate press, the government monopoly school system, and the crony banking cabal. They are serious enough adversaries without making more among our own ranks.

    I am grateful that we do not suffer the rancor in our state that other states have been plagued by.

    Congratulations to all the great candidates running for office and to the delegates and alternates who will represent Utah in Reno. Thank you sincerely for taking action to advance freedom in our time.

  21. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman April 19, 2022

    PS – BTW – Count my wife Cindy and me in on that so called “alphabet brigade”. A for Ally.

  22. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman April 19, 2022

    Meanwhile the UTLP is running Liberty advocating candidates and yet the color of a former elected Libertarian Mayor’s scarf and wild assumptions about it are so far the focus of the discussion here.

    Willy is a terrific Libertarian, you should get to know him. He will be a delegate in Reno.

    People who abuse children should go to jail. Fairly certain everyone at the convention agreed with that non initiation of violence principle as well. It’s a prerequisite.

  23. Ron Paul Caesar Ron Paul Caesar April 19, 2022

    I recently saw a statistic that LGBTQIAP2+ make up 3% of the population but commit 30% of child sexual abuse. That is in addition to 55% of HIV cases and 82% of syphilis cases. Apparently 78% of the members of the alphabet brigade have an STD.

  24. Nathan Norman Nathan Norman April 19, 2022

    “Homosexuality has been a common occurrence throughout humankind’s history and is readily observed in many other species in the wild.”

    So is cannibalism. That doesn’t make it right.

    “Statistically, they are less likely to commit sexual abuse/violence than their straight peers.”

    This is an outright lie.


    “Using random-probability studies reported by three different sets of investigators, an estimate that about 4 percent of the general population is bisexual-to-homosexual was employed to generate relative degrees of ‘dangerousness’ of the various sexual orientations. It appears that at least a third of all the reported child molestations involve homosexual acts, while girls account for about two-thirds of children victimized. Those who practice homosexual acts are at least 12 times more apt to molest a child sexually, and with suitable corrections for bisexuals (who molest both genders), probably at least 16 times more apt to molest a child. A review of recorded cases of teacher-pupil sexual interaction indicated that of the 30 instances detailed in the literature, 24 (80 percent) involved homosexual acts. It appears that teachers who practice homosexual acts are between 90 to 100 times more apt to involve themselves sexually with pupils than teachers who confine themselves to heterosexual acts.”

  25. James Hansen James Hansen April 19, 2022

    Unnatural? Homosexuality has been a common occurrence throughout humankind’s history and is readily observed in many other species in the wild. Modern puritan movements have heaped persecution and stigma upon these people. Statistically, they are less likely to commit sexual abuse/violence than their straight peers. I applaud Willy and others who seek to challenge the status quo and foster inclusion for all nonviolent people.

  26. Nathan Norman Nathan Norman April 19, 2022

    I’m sure many Libertarians agree with me, particularly members of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire. If that is the direction the party is moving toward, perhaps I’ll rejoin. Are there any other state affiliates who are similarly based?

  27. George Phillies George Phillies April 19, 2022

    Nathan Norman is an enemy of liberty, and a bigot. His liberal wokist deplatforming opponents are no better.

  28. Joseph Buchman Joseph Buchman Post author | April 19, 2022

    Willy Star Marshall was elected by polygamists in Big Water Utah as their “big L” Libertarian, openly gay, Mayor in 2001.

    See for example:

    I suppose Utah is a generally more accepting place given a culture here which still remembers persecution for being an “abnormal version” of Christianity.

    The rainbow flag (and the colors of the scarf) stands for the inclusion of all non-violent individuals, at least among everyone I talk to.

    And Willy looks great in it.

    Proud to have him as a friend, and grateful for his decades of principled service to the LP, especially here in Utah.

  29. Anastasia Beaverhausen Anastasia Beaverhausen April 18, 2022

    The irony of someone complaining about homosexuality being pushed down his throat.

    If only.

  30. Nathan Norman Nathan Norman April 18, 2022

    Why do they keep pushing this on us and shoving it down everyone’s throats? Since when is an abnormal sexual proclivity something to be proud about? Should a man be proud and wave flags because he likes to be dominated by a dominatrix or has a foot fetish?

    The insistence on normalizing the particular sexual proclivity of homosexuality by pushing it on school children and including it in children’s programming points to something sinister. It seems to prove Don Grundmann’s argument that GAY is an acronym for Going After Youth. Some simply want to sexualize children in order to groom and molest them. Public school teachers are getting busted everyday for being pedophiles. Some are trying to turn children into transgenders in order to make money for the pharmaceutical companies who profit off of drugs like puberty blockers and artifical hormones. Doctors who prescribe these drugs and who perform castrations on children are violating the most basic principal of medical ethics: the Hippocratic Oath — do no harm.

    The people pushing this insanity are harming society, perhaps unbeknownst to them, and that may very well be the intent of it all by those pulling the strings. A generation of heavily medicated eunuchs and others hyperfocused and prideful of their sexual proclivities will easily be overcome when an invading force who rejects these idiotic concepts comes upon our shore. May God have mercy on our souls.

  31. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes April 18, 2022

    So you are still out there?
    I thought you got lost.

  32. Andy Andy April 17, 2022

    The Rainbow flag has nothing to do with the Libertarian Party.

  33. Nathan Norman Nathan Norman April 17, 2022

    What does the rainbow flag have to do with the Libertarian Party? Everyone I talk to these days associates the flag with groomers.

  34. George Whitfield George Whitfield April 16, 2022

    Kudos to Willy Star Marshall for his Libertarian Party Convention delegate record. That is a remarkable demonstration of determination and persistence. I appreciate his work for the LP through the years.

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