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Justice Party Announces Series of Organizing Meetings

The Justice Party recently announced a series of upcoming Zoom meetings focused on organizing grassroots members. Established in 2011 by citizen activists frustrated with the duopoly, the Justice Party focuses on social, economic, and environmental justice while restricting the influence of corporations in politics.

The party ran former mayor of Salt Lake City Rocky Anderson for president in 2012 in addition to a handful of candidates for lower office in Utah and Vermont. Anderson appeared on the ballot in 15 states excluding write-in locations and took just over 43,000 total votes. The party has not fielded a presidential candidate since; however, they did endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders during the 2016 presidential election cycle.

The meetings are scheduled for June 27 to June 30 and will feature a presentation made by Anderson, now the executive director of the organization, before opening up to an audience Q&A session. Registration is required and more information can be found here.



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Jordan Willow Evans

Jordan is the managing editor for Independent Political Report. She has appeared on ABC News, NBC Boston, Sky News, BNT 1, and numerous local outlets. She is a proponent of civic inclusion and awareness and was featured in Represent: The Woman’s Guide to Running for Office and Changing the World and the Worcester Historical Museum exhibit PRETTY POWERFUL: 100 Years of Voting & Style.


  1. wolfefan wolfefan June 29, 2022

    Many thanks!

  2. Jordan Willow Evans Jordan Willow Evans Post author | June 27, 2022

    Rocky Anderson did a FAQ last year speaking on behalf of the Justice Party and touched upon topics adjacent to this question. While the parties seem very similar in their mission and approach to policy, Anderson describes an approach to procedure that’s far more pragmatic and accommodating of our current electoral system.

    To summarize Anderson, the Justice Party will not contest an election purely for the sake of matching funds nor will they run someone if it risks electing “clearly worst candidates”, like “George W. Bush or Donald Trump”. If the JP decides that they are unable to win, they will additionally “withdraw in ‘battleground'” states or districts where the races are closely contested while continuing to campaign in so-called “safe” states and districts. Contrast that with the Green Party which is something that I would say is more anchored to a unique identity and contesting elections under such an identity.

  3. E Pluribus Unum E Pluribus Unum June 27, 2022

    They are not Anti-Capitalist, just Progressive Capitalist.

  4. wolfefan wolfefan June 24, 2022

    For those of us not familiar with the Justice Party, how do they differ from the Green Party and the DSA?

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