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Robert Kraus Resigns from LNC Staff

In a letter to LNC Chair Angela McArdle, Robert Kraus announced that he will be leaving the LNC on June 15, 2023. In January, he had proposed a new contract.  He also offered a departure letter, should that be desired.  There was no response, despite promises to him and to Steven Nekhaila that action would be taken soon.

Independent Political Report has a copy of his resignation letter, which may be viewed below or accessed directly here. We plan extended coverage at a later time.


  1. George Phillies George Phillies Post author | May 24, 2023

    We gather that Robert Kraus will be leaving the LNC’s employ on or about June 15.

  2. George Whitfield George Whitfield May 18, 2023

    Sad to hear that Robert Kraus is departing. He was a consistent and reliable person helping to keep the National Headquarters running smoothly.

  3. Thomas L Knapp Thomas L Knapp May 11, 2023

    Mr. Kraus was a huge administrative asset to the LNC. Losing him is losing a crap ton of institutional memory on how various administrative and organizational tasks get done.

    While I’m sure he has his own ideological convictions, I never saw any sign of those convictions when it came to whether or not the work got done. It got done, period, regardless of which faction had control of the LNC, etc.

    In the ongoing train wreck of Mises PAC misrule, losing him is the equivalent of derailing several boxcars full of toxins and setting them on fire.

  4. Richard Winger Richard Winger May 7, 2023

    Robert Kraus was a wonderfully helpful and efficient employee. He was easy to reach and a big help to me.

  5. Jim Jim May 7, 2023

    Tom – Change for the sake of change is irrational. If there isn’t an identifiable reason to let him go, or someone they had in mind that they think can do better, it’s a step backward. Even if just wanted him to change roles, that would have been fine. But there is a clear cost to letting go of all that experience.

  6. George Phillies George Phillies Post author | May 6, 2023

    Thanks for the proofreading tip. Extra eyes are always appreciated. I’m not clear whether the LNC made a positive decision not to renew or if they simply did not reacha decision until time ran out.

  7. Tom Tom May 6, 2023

    Correction: It’s McArdle, not McCardle.

    It’s time for fresh blood. I support the LNC not renewing his contract.

  8. George Phillies George Phillies Post author | May 6, 2023

    Robert Kraus’s letter, first page, bottom, leads to two questions:

    1) Hesitant donors who have not given this year. How much did they
    give last year?

    2) Deferred Building Maintenance: How much will the deferred maintenance
    cost to fix?

  9. Stewart Flood Stewart Flood May 6, 2023

    I did not not realize that Robert started working for the LP three days after I joined. He was just “always there”. In the 15 years I was a member he was one of the key members of staff, helping keep order in times of good as well as times of bad. I worked with him on many projects, always finding him an important and helpful person. If I were still a member of the LP, I would be very worried about finding a replacement as dedicated as he has been.

    Best of luck to you Mr Kraus!

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