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Ohio Green Primary set for Tuesday 4 May

On Tuesday 4 May, the Ohio Green Party will have its first statewide primary. Several Greens are running for Congress as write-in candidates, meaning that they need at least 25 votes in Tuesday’s primary to appear on the November ballot.

These candidates need 25 or more votes in the primary tomorrow:

•Rich Stevenson – 1st Congressional District (Cincinnati and surrounding areas in SW Ohio)
•Bob Fitrakis – 12th Congressional District (Columbus and surrounding areas)
•Elaine Mastromatteo – 17th Congressional District (NE Ohio including Kent, Ravenna, Warren and Youngstown)

Other Ohio Green Party candidates include Dennis Spisak for Governor, Anita Rios for Lieutenant Governor, Pat Saunders for State Senate District 13, Corey Ansel for State Representative District 22, Dennis Lambert for State Representative District 89, and Ty Collinsworth for State Representative District 92.… Read more ...

GreenChange: The Top Five Reasons for CA To Vote Against Prop 14

Over at IPR author Dave Schwab has written about the top five reasons why Californians should vote against the Top Two Primary measure on the ballot in November.

Proponents of Top Two, aware that California voters rejected the idea in 2004, have been claiming that Top Two will fix California’s government by reducing partisan gridlock.

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Dr. Jill Stein launches Green campaign for Massachusetts Governor

From Green Party Watch:
Dr. Jill Stein’s formal announcement on Monday of her campaign for governor of Massachusetts as the Green-Rainbow Party candidate drew coverage from media outlets including the Boston Globe, Boston Herald,, and Open Media Boston.

“If you’ve had enough business as usual, if you’ve had enough of the culture of influence, if you’ve had enough payoffs and layoffs and rip-offs and bailouts, this is the campaign for you,” Stein told about three dozen cheering supporters who waved her green campaign signs.… Read more ...

Kirk, Giannoulias will face Green LeAlan Jones in IL Senate race

Democrat Alex Giannoulias and Republican Mark Kirk will face Green Party candidate LeAlan Jones in the 2010 Illinois US Senate race. Sen. Roland Burris, who was appointed to Barack Obama’s former seat by now-impeached Democratic governor Rod Blagojevich, will not seek reelection.

LeAlan Jones is an author and journalist known for documenting poverty and violence in the inner-city Chicago neighborhoods where he grew up, most notably in the internationally-recognized “Ghetto Life 101″.… Read more ...

You can help rewrite the Green Party Platform for 2010

From Green Party Watch:

Dear Green friends,

I’d like to invite you to an experiment in online democracy.

The Green Party of the United States is amending its platform. I volunteered to serve as the co-chair of the Platform Committee.

We’re asking you to help update the Green platform in an open, collaborative process on and, the website of the Green Party of the United States.… Read more ...

NYC Green Party holds marathon reading of healthcare bill with single-payer amendment

On Friday, December 18th, members of the New York City Green Party will read the entire 767-page healthcare bill in Union Square. Their reading, which will last an estimated 10 hours, will include Sen. Sanders’ recently withdrawn amendment to establish a single-payer system. The NYC Greens are asking for pledges of between $0.01 and $1 for each page they read in the freezing December weather.… Read more ...

Greens Oppose “Insurance Industry Life Support” Bill

GPUS Release:

WASHINGTON, DC — In the wake of a US House vote passing a Democratic health care bill (HR 3962), Green Party leaders and health care activists are calling for a defeat of the bill, calling it little more than a program to subsidize the insurance industry.

Greens are urging supporters of real universal health care to intensify efforts to win Capitol Hill support for Single-Payer/Medicare For All national health care.… Read more ...

A Green’s call to action: “Protect Mother Earth: Run for office”

From a post by Marnie Glickman at Green Change:

We all know the truth. Our planet is dying. Climate change is a major ecological crisis.

Glaciers and polar ice shelves are crumbling. Species are being eradicated at record numbers. Air pollution kills about two million people prematurely each year. Water supplies are drying up, while water systems are being sold off to big corporations concerned only with expanding their profits.… Read more ...

Video: Rev. Billy heckles Bloomberg during televised debate

Green candidate for mayor Rev. Billy Talen interrupted Michael Bloomberg before the billionaire mayor could get out his first sentence at Tuesday’s televised debate. “MIKE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? We voted for term limits!” Reverend Billy shouts before the crowd responds with cheers, applause, and chants of “Eight is enough!” Watch the video:

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Rev. Billy Talen calls on New Yorkers to protest undemocratic mayoral debates

In an email message to supporters, Reverend Billy Talen, Green Party candidate for Mayor of New York City, asked fellow citizens to turn out into the streets tomorrow, October 13th to call for inclusive debates instead of choreographed debates controlled by the Democratic and Republican Party and their minions. The debate, sponsored by media corporations, New York City Campaign Finance Board and El Museo Del Barrio, will feature only the Democratic and Republican candidates.… Read more ...

Arkansas Green US Senate candidate to make TV appearance Monday 10/12

On Monday night 10/12/09, Mayor John Gray, Green Party candidate for US Senate in 2010, will be the guest on “On the Air with Richard S. Drake”.

Gray, currently the mayor of Greenland, will be challenging Senator Blanche Lambert Lincoln in 2010. Though a number of Republicans intend to vie for the seat, Gray is the only progressive candidate to announce an intention to run.… Read more ...

Greens working for better election laws

Members of the Green Party work daily recruiting candidates, educating voters, lobbying their local and state governments, serving on local boards and city councils, and lately, challenging obstructive and unequal election and campaigning laws in court. Below is a round-up of some the latest legal moves and victories won by state Green Parties across the country.… Read more ...