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Workers World Party cohorts oppose Gaza attacks

Two groups closely associated with the Workers World Party have issued statements of opposition to the Israeli airstrike on Gaza.

The “marxist youth organization” Fight Imperialism Stand Together, or FIST, sent its statement to the WWP’s press organ Workers World, lamenting conditions in Gaza it sees as deriving both from its recent enforced isolation as well long standing Israeli policy towards Palestine:

After having committed this atrocious, genocidal act, the government in Israel continues to posture, saying they are resolved to continue.

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Communist Party condemnation of Gaza airstrikes

The Communist Party USA has issued a statement regarding the ongoing Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza strip:

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) emphatically condemns the continuing Israeli air strikes in Gaza, which have left hundreds dead and over a thousand wounded. The hundreds of Israeli air strikes have been carried out with a total disregard for the safety of civilians and institutions and are the latest phase in a campaign to blockade the economy of Gaza and deny the people access to basic necessities.

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Socialist Action statement on Gaza conflict

Socialist Action has issued a statement calling for an end to “all aid to Apartheid Israel” and slamming neighboring Arab states as complicit in the latest episode of violence in the Gaza strip:

Since it withdrew its occupation of Gaza, the Zionist rulers of Israel have maintained it as an open-air prison and most of the time as a shooting gallery.

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Socialist Equality Party holds conference on auto industry

The Socialist Equality Party held a public conference at Wayne State University in Detroit this past Saturday, presenting its analysis of the current course of the automotive industry and United Auto Workers union, as well as its implications for workers:

In the main report to the meeting, WSWS reporter and SEP member Jerry White began by describing the extreme concessions that will be demanded of autoworkers as a result of the recently announced Bush administration “bailout” of the industry.

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AP: Barr campaign provided staffer with ‘clothing allowance’

As the Sarah Palin wardrobe controversy fades, the AP reports that the would-be VP is not the only candidate for federal office to attract the ire of watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington:

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics said the campaigns of Democratic Reps. Loretta Sanchez of California and Rob Andrews of New Jersey, Republican candidates Bill Dew of Utah and William Breazeale of North Carolina and Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr each spent hundreds of dollars on clothing.

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Socialist Workers Party mayoral candidates kickoff campaigns in NYC, LA

Two Socialist Workers Party members are launching mayoral campaigns in major cities in preparation for looming 2009 municipal elections:

NEW YORK—The Socialist Workers Party here has nominated Dan Fein, a sewing machine operator, as its candidate in the 2009 mayoral race. James Harris, a union meat packer, is the SWP candidate for mayor in Los Angeles.

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LBJ-era Attorney General headlines PSL’s National Conference on Socialism

The Party for Socialism and Liberation will be holding a “Fight Back” conference at the University of California Los Angeles this weekend, apparently as both a primer for newcomers and an organizational session for stalwarts eager to move forward past the campaign season:

Food and gas prices are skyrocketing worldwide, the environment is being destroyed, and the sharp economic recession has thrown millions of workers out of their jobs and onto the streets.

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CP calls out Georgia on write-in irregularities

A press release from the Constitution Party of Georgia highlights numerous instances of “lost” write-in votes in several of that state’s counties:

The Constitution Party of Georgia presented documentation today that showed the official 2008 Georgia election results failed to include more than 10% of the votes cast for Constitution Party Presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin.

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Keaton/Shinghal 2012 announces cabinet intentions

Via vice-presidential contender Michelle Shinghal’s blog comes an early look at one potential Libertarian cabinet:

Keaton has been quite the busy bee so she’s asked me to announce our cabinet. Obviously we realize that this step is usually taken after winning not only a party nomination but the White House but we feel that you can never be too prepared.

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Socialists Brian Moore and Stewart Alexander send their thanks

Ed, Art, Socialist Party Members, Family and Friends:

No, it is Stewart and I who wish to thank all of the SP members, friends, family and volunteers who worked so hard, and gave of themselves so generously in our 2008 campaign.

A special thanks goes out to Matt Erard, our National Ballot Access Coordinator, for his diligent, effective and smart efforts in helping us qualify on eight state ballots and 22 others as official “Write-In”
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How did IPR contributors and readers do on election day?

IPR founder GE shared 23,740 votes with 16 others in a slate of presidential electors pledged to Bob Barr, .4% of the vote.

Contributor Paulie Cannoli shared 4,983 votes with 8 other Alabama presidential electors pledged to Bob Barr, .2%.

Contributor Tom Knapp took 8,576 votes in Missouri’s 2nd congressional district, for 2.3%.… Read more ...

Bob Barr’s post-election message

Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr has released his own post-election missive, posted at and

Barr Says “This is Just the Beginning”

“This is just the beginning of the new Libertarian Party,” says Bob Barr, the 2008 Libertarian Party nominee for president. “In these next four years, there will be an even greater need for a political party fully dedicated to lower taxes, smaller government and more individual freedom—a voice for liberty.”

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