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Independent Political Report

Opinion: Borysenko Statement on LPNH Events

Karlyn Borysenko, Libertarian candidate for Governor of New Hampshire* in 2022, has issued an extended statement giving her description of recent events in the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire.  The statement has a considerable number of graphical elements, such as screenshots of electronic messages, so we are attaching the statement as a PDF file.… Read more ...

LNC Chair Issues Directives to Staff and Committee

Mindful that the Libertarian National Committee, in their recent meeting, recognized a need to raise money as a critical issue, LNC Chair Angela McArdle issued on the LNC Public List issued a  series of directives to the LNC’s staff and members, which we quote here:

Hi everyone,I’m being a big bad chair and issuing some directives to help us!Chair’s

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No Labels Party 2024 Presidential Plans

The No Labels political movement has surfaced with its political game plan for 2024. If one of its organizers is to be believed, it is an anti-Trump third party movement.

Writing of its formation, former New York Congressman Tom Reed writes in RealClearPolitics

“Years ago, I helped found the Problem Solvers Caucus in the U.S.Read more ...

Press Release: Forward Party Announces 2024 Battleground Map

Washington, DC – The Forward Party today announced its 12 “battleground states” where it will focus its resources through the 2024 cycle in order to:

  • Field candidates
  • Rapidly grow the grassroots
  • Obtain legal party status

“After 7 months of extensive market testing through a 50-state strategy, we began diligently measuring our progress toward this definition of success.

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