IPR, LP Remember David F Nolan; Personal Papers Acquired By Library of Congress

Unknown potential voter with LP founder David F. Nolan

Eleven years ago yesterday (21 November 2010), David Frasier Nolan, principal founder of the Libertarian Party US, passed away at the age of 66,

David was born 23 November 1943.  Tomorrow would have been his 78th birthday.

As Libertarians across the United States prepare to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Party in Colorado Springs, CO, 11 December 1971, several paused to share memories of David with IPR, expressing a common wish that he could have lived long enough to join in the various celebrations which will occur over the coming weeks, throughout next year, and in to early January 2023:

the first press conference, first convention, first platform, first presidential nominee, first presidential campaign, first electoral college vote – both for the Party and for an American woman – and, on 06 January 2023, the 50th anniversary of the tallying of that vote, by then Vice-President Spiro T.… Read more ...

Former LNC Chair William Redpath Enters Race for U.S. Senate in Illinois

Former Libertarian National Committee chairman Bill Redpath is running for U.S. Senate in Illinois. He will be challenging the re-election bid of Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth, who is seeking to win a second term.

Redpath has long been a fixture in party leadership, serving in a variety of positions with both the LNC and the Libertarian Party of Virginia.… Read more ...

Norman Thomas: The Socialist Minister

On this day 136 years ago, Norman Mattoon Thomas was born in Marion, Ohio. Being the first of six kids, Norman was always held to a high standard. Especially in a heavily Presbyterian household, becoming a minister in New York. His religious upbringing led him to become a conscientious objector during the first world war, which directly pushed him working with Socialist Party’s campaigns, due to them having an radical pacifist platform.… Read more ...

Alabama Police Confront Sarwark: Initial Result – Sarwark 1, Government Officials 0

Petitioning in Alabama
Mobile AL post office, Photo Credit, Nicholas Sarwark.

In a social media post yesterday, Nicholas Sawark, who is gathering signatures for Libertarian Party Ballot Access in Alabama, shared the following about an initial success in enrolling the local police in assisting the Libertarian Party of Alabama in educating ill- (or mis-) informed government officials about his right, and the right of others to peacefully do so on a public sidewalk, outside a local post office.… Read more ...

LP Judicial Committee Receives New Appeal, re – LNC Chair Vacancy: Are Bylaws > Robert’s

Dr. George Phillies, APPEAL THE LNC

Following the resignation of Libertarian Party Chair Joe Bishop-Henchman in late June 2021, arguments were made that it was the position – not of Chair – but of Vice-Chair, that had become vacant, as under Robert’s Rules of Order Vice-Chairs become Chairs immediately upon resignations.… Read more ...

Nicholas Sarwark: Why Am I In Alabama?

Why am I in Alabama?

I’m in Alabama because 52 of the 105 races for state representative in 2018 went completely unopposed after the primary elections. Half of the legislature faced no political competition outside of their own party.

Competition makes things better. It’s true for cars, computers, and consumer goods.… Read more ...

Time Capsule: William Allen White Waged War on the Klan in 1924 Gubernatorial Campaign

Legendary newspaper editor William Allen White, a man who advised Presidents and rubbed shoulders with some of the world’s greatest statesmen in a career that spanned five decades, waged one of the most fascinating and extraordinary political campaigns in the country, nearly toppling his major-party rivals in a bid to become governor of Kansas in 1924.… Read more ...

Angela McArdle headshot

Angela McArdle, AMA (tonight or tomorrow?), Campaign for LNC Chair Update

IPR received the following update from the LP Mises Caucus, communications@lpmisescaucus.com, early today inviting us (and others) to a “Live AMA (Ask Me Anything) tomorrow night (Thurs., Nov 17) (sic)” with Angela McArdle.

IPR has reached out for clarification to both the LP Mises Caucus and Ms. McArdle as to whether the AMA is to be tomorrow night (the 18th) or tonight (the 17th) – and will update in the comments below when we receive same. … Read more ...

New Voting Technology: LP Creates Two Sub-Committees; Bylaws Require “Paper”

Over the past year the Libertarian Party has populated two new sub-committees to 1) study alternative voting methods nationwide and 2) to improve the process of voting at its national party conventions.

The latter of those committees is tasked with speeding up the process of tallying votes at national conventions, a process which has resulted in considerable upset and delay over the past several cycles especially in New Orleans in 2018, and Orlando in 2020, such that balloting for At-Large members of the LNC in 2020, and appointment to the Judicial Committee in 2018, was rushed, or proved impossible due to a lack of quorum, or expiration of the time for which the hall had been rented/could be made available, or both. … Read more ...

Green Party Charges That Glasgow Conference Agreements Will Lead to ‘Climate Collapse’

The Green Party of the United States issued a statement today charging that the COP26 world climate summit in Glasgow “failed to produce the radical action scientists say is needed to avoid climate collapse, and that the only way for humanity to prevent catastrophe for life on Earth is a global Green New Deal.”… Read more ...

LNC Expected To Fill Vacant Secretary Position at 04 Dec 2021 In-Person Meeting; Seeking Applicants Now

Following the removal by the Judicial Committee of the previously suspended secretary of the Libertarian National Committee, a proposal was made by LNC Vice-Chair Ken Molleman to leave the position vacant and to “let the delegates decide” at the next in-person convention in Reno.

Mr. Moellman posted the following yesterday (14 Nov 2021):

“I would like us to consider leaving the position of Secretary vacant through the end of the term.”… Read more ...

Time Capsule: Facing Only Minor-Party Opposition, Mayor Ed Koch Waged Vigorous Re-Election Bid

Despite winning both major party nominations in 1981 — the first New York City mayor to do so — Mayor Ed Koch announced that he would wage a full-scale campaign for re-election against minor-party opposition.

Koch, who swept past Brooklyn assemblyman Frank J. Barbaro and 36-year-old Melvin Kerensky — an associate of Lyndon H.… Read more ...