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William Saturn: ‘The Politics of Fun’

William Saturn at Saturn’s Repository:

Phil Davison

Phil Davison

Back in 2010 I witnessed the future of politics. A little known councilman went before his local party and delivered the most passionate speech of this century thus far.  Though the speech concerned, of all things, the Stark County Treasurer’s office, it harkened back to the exciting and entertaining aspect of politics.  … Read more ...

American Third Party Report Interviews White Nationalist Billy Roper


From American Third Party Report

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Kent McManigal: Excuses for Borderism

Kent-McManigal-colorFrom Kent McManigal, 2008 Libertarian Party and Boston Tea Party candidate:

Maybe America and “our culture” can’t survive the lack of a government enforced border.
Maybe gun owners will see their liberty stripped away due to new “laws” supported by new migrants.
Maybe welfare will be overwhelmed and run out of funds.

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John Wayne Smith Dies

John Wayne Smith

According to Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) Region 6 Representative Vicki Kirkland, former Florida gubernatorial candidate and LPF Vice-Chairman John Wayne Smith has died.  He was 69.

In an e-mail to the LNC, Kirkland reports:

John had been dealing with cancer for several years and went into the hospital in August for an operation.

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Examiner Interviews Tom Knapp, Author of ‘Kn@ppster’s Big Freakin’ Book of Stuff’

Thomas L. “Tom” Knapp, in addition to his work mentioned in this interview, is a contributor here at IPR. Excerpt from Interview: A big freakin’ libertarian’s Big Freakin’ Book by Garry Reed:

What were your criteria for including/excluding articles in your book?

Really, there were only four: I had to be able to find the stuff; it had to strike me as interesting; it mostly had to be political; and I started to get worried when the book’s length approached 100,000 words and at that point I started getting more selective.… Read more ...

Darryl Perry Resigns as BTP Chairman; Party ‘Effectively Disbands’

Darryl Perry, who had served as chairman of the Boston Tea Party (BTP) since 2010, announced his resignation from the chairmanship earlier today, leaving only two active members of the party’s national committee. As a result, according to the following statement from Perry, the decision “effectively disbands the BTP” as an entity:

I first joined the BTP in 2006 and have been on the National Committee since 2008 when I was elected as an At-Large Rep.

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Johnson Withdraws from Tea Party Event Due to Differences With Anti-Gay Marriage Speaker

Gary Johnson has withdrawn from speaking or appearing at the Boston Tea Party event due to the fact that another confirmed speaker, Scott Lively, at the event is against gay marriage.

Governor Johnson’s communications director, Joe Hunter, emailed IREHR this afternoon, “Having seen your article re the upcoming ‘Tea Party’ event in Boston, I wanted to let you know that Governor Johnson will NOT be attending.  

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BTP Removes Tiffany Briscoe as Presidential Nominee

Members of the Boston Tea Party (BTP) have voted to remove student Tiffany Briscoe as the party’s presidential nominee. At the moment, she has been replaced with NOTA (None of the Above).

Briscoe, who falsely claimed she was a member of the Howard Community College Board of Trustees and a graduate of the school, was selected at the BTP’s nominating convention last December.… Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry: Boston Tea Party Responds to the 2012 State of the Union

President Obama wants us to imagine an America that is within reach. I would rather have you imagine a world a little further down the road. The President wants “[a] country that leads the world in educating its people. An America that attracts a new generation of high-tech manufacturing and high-paying jobs.… Read more ...

JW Evans: Interview With BTP’s Briscoe

From an article by Josh W. Evans on his blog, “Net Lounge”:

Invisible Hands: A Q&A with Tiffany Briscoe, Presidential Nominee of the Boston Tea Party

In continuing coverage of the many different candidates in the 2012 presidential election, I was fortunate enough to conduct a question and answer session with Ms.… Read more ...

Tiffany Briscoe campaign: ‘What started as a simple misunderstanding between campaign officials and the presidential candidate grew into a misrepresentation of the truth’

After Robert Milnes, a candidate defeated for the Boston Tea Party presidential nomination accused nominee Tiffany Briscoe of falsifying her resume, Briscoe initially responded:

I don’t know if this is genuine to the Howard Community College or, in general, to community colleges, but the fact of the matter is that all graduates with a memorable mention at their graduation are offered a title as being part of the “Board of Trustees”.

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Boston Tea Party National Chair Demands Accountability from Presidential Candidate on Background Claims

From Boston Tea Party National Chair Darryl Perry
Via IPR comments and BostonTea.US:

Ms. Briscoe,

This message is being copied to Pierre Crevaux and posted publicly online http://bostontea.us/node/1089. As you are aware, the issue of whether or not you were not completely honest in representing your credentials. Originally, the question of whether or not you were, in fact, part of the Board of Trustees of Howard Community College was brought up.… Read more ...