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Erik Viker Calls For LPPA Board Action Regarding Chair Tom Stevens


This is a formal call for Board action on a violation of the Communications Policy perpetrated by Tom Stevens in his capacity as moderator of an LPPA communication medium.  On 3/27/13, I posted a question to the LPPA group on Facebook, which exists to allow members to communicate about the organization, asking for the latest membership totals in light of the potential impact of recruitment efforts advertised in LPPA channels for a parallel group called the “Pennsylvania Libertarian Alliance.” … Read more ...

LP.org Blog: PA Libertarian Councilman Running in 2-Way for State Rep

Staff at LP blog:

Two years ago, when Libertarian Erik Viker ran for State Representative in Pennsylvania’s 85th District, he received nearly 10 percent of the vote in a 3-way race and beat the Democrat candidate in three precincts. This year he will likely receive more votes running in a 2-way race against the Republican incumbent, State Representative Fred Keller.… Read more ...

Johnson/Gray Announce Next Set of Candidate Endorsements



14 August 2012 – Salt Lake City – Gary Johnson 2012 Campaign Headquarters





Initiative Endorsement

Libertarian Party vice presidential nominee Judge James Gray has endorsed, on behalf of the Johnson/Gray 2012 Campaign, an Ohio ballot initiative that would define marriage in Ohio’s Constitution as, “a union of two consenting adults.”… Read more ...

Elected Libertarian Erik Viker vying for higher office in PA

Kyle at LP blog:

Erik Viker is the Libertarian Party candidate running for the House of Representatives seat in Pennsylvania’s 85th District. While he is currently running for office, he is also an elected Libertarian serving on the Selinsgrove Borough Council. His campaign has gained momentum and significant press coverage as he fights to break the stagnant two- party system in Pennsylvania.… Read more ...