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Gary Johnson Contrasts Himself With Ron Paul, Obama, GOP Field, Past and Present Libertarian Presidential Contenders

From Mike Riggs at Reason, describing Gary Johnson’s speech to the ACLU:

Johnson said he’d cut the military’s budget and end Obama’s interventionism. It wasn’t until he got started on legalizing marijuana that the crowd (figuratively) lit up. A steady stream of applause followed Johnson’s declarations after that.

“I support gay marriage equality.

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Lee Wrights: No Matter How You Say It, the Fair Tax Isn’t Fair

by R. Lee Wrights

BURNET, Texas (Jan. 14) – Sometimes a partial truth is more misleading than an outright lie. Fair Tax proponents present it as a fair and efficient “solution to the frustration and inequity of our current tax system.” Even ignoring the point that “there ain’t no such thing as a fair tax,” America does not need an “efficient” solution to our oppressive and unjust federal tax system.… Read more ...

Free Virginia: ‘FairlyTaxin”

Posted by Marc Montoni at Free Virginia:

In March of 2004, the members of the Libertarian Party of Virginia voted to endorse a national retail sales tax. Here is the language adopted in 2004:

WHEREAS taxing wages, earnings, investment, savings and, death destroys individual freedom and initiative; and

WHEREAS eliminating the Internal Revenue Service is a positive step in the right direction to restoring individual liberty; and

WHEREAS the 16th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States should be repealed; and

WHEREAS passage of H.R.

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Candidates asked to clarify tax stance

Crazy for liberty
quotes Bob Barr

“Where does John McCain stand on taxes?,” asks Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party candidate for president. “He was for higher taxes before he was against them. But now he seems to be in favor of them again,” notes Barr.

“Perhaps Sen. McCain has been in Washington too long to realize, but Americans pay far too much for government.

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Barr and Baldwin: Agree on income tax, disagree on FairTax

The respective presidential nominees of the Libertarian and Constitution parties, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin, both favor elimination of the IRS and the income tax. Both think that this could be accomplished by repealing the 16th amendment — an assertion some experts dispute. But they differ on how the federal government should be funded in the absence of an income tax.… Read more ...