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Top 10 Green Party Stories of 2010

Posted by Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

2010 was a roller coaster year for the Green Party. Mid-term elections proved voter dissatisfaction with the Democrats in power, but the media-darling Tea Party Movement drove voters to reactionary candidates, not helping Greens at the polls. International Greens saw successes in the United Kingdom, Australia, and other places, while US Greens were moved by the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza under siege by Israeli forces.… Read more ...

Cynthia McKinney Pens OpEd On Gaza Incident

Cynthia McKinney is a member of the Free Gaza movement which is currently embroiled in a controversy involving a humanitarian ship and an attack on that ship by Israeli commandos. She penned an OpEd about the controversy which can be read, in its entirety, here. The first couple of paragraphs follow.… Read more ...

2008 Green Party Prez Candidate Cynthia McKinney Comments On Gaza Flotilla

Posted by Ian Wilder at onthewilderside.com, a Green-friendly blog

Cynthia McKinney Mourns the Dead
of the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza

People of the U.S. and the world
must end Israeli impunity now!

I am outraged at Israel’s latest criminal act. I mourn with my fellow Free Gaza travelers, the lives that have been lost by Israel’s needless, senseless act against unarmed humanitarian activists.… Read more ...