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The Green Party responds to Thomas Friedman in a letter to the editor

The following letter to the editor, responding to Thomas Friedman’s recent call for a “radical centrist” third party, was printed in the New York Times.

To the Editor:

In his call for a third party, Thomas L. Friedman writes about a “radical center” between Democrats and Republicans.

But instead of a gap I see an overlap, occupied by politicians who, in the name of moderateness and bipartisanship, are willing to keep our health care under the control of insurance companies, send taxpayer-funded bailouts to Wall Street, compromise with polluters on measures to curb global warming and cede constitutional war powers to the White House.

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‘Look beyond the major parties’ in Illinois

A letter to the editor from the Daily Herald in suburban Chicago:

In my whole life I have always voted for the person and the platform, certainly not just the party. In recent years, however, I haven’t been pleased with many of our elected officials and particularly not the actions of the Republican and Democratic parties.

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