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Gary Johnson Editorial On Ron Paul’s New Hampshire Performance

Gary Johnson is a Presidential candidate for the presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party. He was previously a candidate in the GOP primary in which a fellow competitor for votes was Ron Paul. This is why Gary Johnson’s editorial at Daily Caller calling attention to Ron Paul’s performance in New Hampshire is interesting.… Read more ...

Libertarian Brendan Kelly gets 17% in New Hampshire

Source: Libertarian Party (LP.org)

In the September 6 special election to fill a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, Libertarian candidate Brendan Kelly received 17.3% of the vote. Kelly faced both a Democrat and a Republican on the ballot.

LP Executive Director Wes Benedict commented, “In partisan three-way races like this, Libertarian candidates historically have only gotten a few percent, on average.… Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry: The Free Market in Action… And The Tragedy of the Commons

Sent to IPR by Darryl W. Perry

Many people have never experienced an environment in which a free-market can truly exist. I, however, was lucky enough to be part of a week-long event where such an environment DID exist. From June 20th – 26th, I was in Lancaster, New Hampshire at the Free State Project’s Porcupine Freedom Festival, Affectionately known as PorcFest for short.… Read more ...

New Hampshire Court Will Hold Trial on Libertarian Party Ballot Order Lawsuit

From an article published on BallotAccess.org on June 24th, 2011:

On June 20, a New Hampshire state Superior Court Judge said he will hold a bench trial in Blevens v Gardner, the lawsuit filed last year over New Hampshire ballot design. In 2006 the New Hampshire Supreme Court had ruled unanimously in Akins v Secretary of State, 904 A.2d

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Ruwart: The Future of the Libertarian Political Movement

Posted by Mary Ruwart on the Libertarian Party blog on May 23, 2011:

The Libertarian Parties of New Hampshire and Massachusetts present a National one-day political conference “Future of the Libertarian Political Movement”.

Hear the first Libertarian Presidential debate of the 2012 season:

R. Lee Wrights vs. Roger V. Gary. The New Hampshire and Massachusetts Libertarian Parties are each giving a first-round delegate vote to the winner of the post-debate straw poll.

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Massachusetts Libertarians Schedule National Political Event in New Hampshire

Email from George Phillies:

Massachusetts Libertarians have organized a national political event ‘The Future of the Libertarian Political Movement’. The event will be held Sunday, June 19 at the Highlander Inn in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Keynote speaker Judge John Buttrick of Arizona will speak at lunch. Libertarian Presidential candidates will debate.… Read more ...

Closet Libertarians in the New Hampshire Legislature?

by: AuMass (George Phillies) at Gold Mass Group

Rumors have reached our ears that perhaps three dozen of the newly elected Republicans and Democrats in the New Hampshire state legislature are closet libertarians, libertarian in all but name, including their new Speaker of the House. One of them is the former webmaster of your editor’s Presidential campaign, who is certainly a libertarian.… Read more ...

Bill to adopt approval voting introduced in NH State House

From PileusBlog.com, H/T to Dale Sheldon-Hess (excerpt of the bill’s actual text below):

A bill to adopt approval voting has been filed in the N.H. House, and one of the co-sponsors is a member of the relevant committee. The bill would establish approval voting for all state offices and presidential primaries.

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Highest number of states with a ballot-qualified party besides Democrats and Republicans since 1918

Ballot Access News:

In the aftermath of the November 2010 election, 35 states plus the District of Columbia have at least one ballot-qualified party other than the Democratic and Republican Parties. This is the highest such number, immediately after a midterm election, for any election since 1918.

The 15 states without a ballot-qualified party (statewide), other than the Democratic and Republican Parties, are: Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington.… Read more ...

The fate of New York’s cross-endorsing parties

Austin Cassidy reports at Uncovered Politics that the New York Taxpayers Party will probably not qualify for a ballot line:

In New York, which allows fusion, it seems that finding statewide results broken down by party is nearly impossible. The state’s Board of Elections certainly doesn’t do it. Their idea of election night reporting is a letter explaining why they won’t bother, because it’s very hard to collect such information and report it.

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NH: Libertarian Babiarz polling 2%

Concord Monitor:

In the final WMUR/UNH election poll, 49 percent of likely voters say they will vote for Lynch, 41 percent prefer Stephen, 2 percent favor Libertarian John Babiarz, 1 percent prefer some other candidate, and 7 percent are undecided.

The poll was conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, which interviewed 885 randomly selected New Hampshire likely voters between Oct.

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Libertarian Party of New Hampshire: ‘Please help our last ad push’

Via facebook from Rich Tomasso:

The LPNH has bought ads on newspapers and on WMUR.com, we’re helping John Babiarz with his radio ads. We’ve done about all we can for those more conventional markets. Our Facebook campaign is doing well, we’re at nearly 400,000 total impressions for the past two weeks.… Read more ...