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Virgil Goode Campaigns in AZ, NM, and VA, Meets With Sheriff Arpaio

The Virgil Goode for President campaign roamed all over the country on Labor Day weekend. According to this article, Goode was campaigning in Arizona and New Mexico this weekend. In Arizona, he met with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a nationally-recognized figure in the debate on illegal immigration.

‘Sheriff Joe’, as his fans call him, is the high-profile Arizona Sheriff who’s made a name for himself by taking a tough stand against corruption, government waste, illegal immigrants, and a host of other problems that many Americans are fed up with.

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IPR EXCLUSIVE Interview with Jon Barrie: New Mexico’s Independent American Party Candidate for U.S. Senate by Peter Gemma

Independent Political Report: Jon, first thanks for slowing down enough from your frantic pace of campaigning to talk with the Independent Political Report. Second, congrats on making ballot access in a very tough state. Tell me about your background.

Jon Barrie: Thanks, Peter. I was born in Paris, Tennessee as an army brat.… Read more ...

Johnson has some appeal on the right and left

A very thorough article regarding Gary Johnson was put out by nmpolitics.net. It goes over his conversion to the Libertarian Party, his election to become the LP nominee, ballot access, media attention, getting into the debates, his running mate, and his appeal to both liberals and conservatives.

Albuquerque pollster Brian Sanderoff agrees that Johnson may win some liberal support.

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Reuters: Could Libertarian Johnson hurt Romney in the West?

In the state-by-state race for the presidency, Romney’s prospects would brighten considerably if he could win New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado, politically divided states that Obama won in the 2008 election.

Winning one of those states would reduce the pressure on Romney to win larger, hotly contested states such as Ohio and Virginia.

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Gary Johnson Polling 12% in New Mexico

A survey done by Fairbanks, Maslin, Maullin, Metz and Associates was done recently in New Mexico and found that Gary Johnson scored 12% in the Presidential race. Another 5% chose “Undecided or Others” on the poll.

This poll showed Obama winning the state with 48% and Romney with 35%.

Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson polls best amongst 18-29 year olds (18%) and males (16%).… Read more ...

Bob Barr Offers Comments On Gary Johnson and Libertarian Party

Bob Barr penned an article for The Daily Caller recently which lauds the Libertarian Party for selecting former two-term Governor Gary Johnson as its nominee.

At its national convention in Las Vegas over the weekend, the Libertarian Party chose its standard bearers for the upcoming presidential election. The selection of former Republican New Mexico Gov.

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Can the Libertarian Party Make Marijuana Legalization A Mainstream Issue

Third parties were the first electoral parties to push a number of then-fringe issues into the mainstream over the years in the United States. From the abolition of slavery and universal suffrage to social security and prohibition, third parties have pioneered many issues that became law or nearly so. This article at The Atlantic suggests that the Libertarian Party in 2012 might push the legalization of marijuana into the mainstream.… Read more ...

Judge Gray Announces for VP, Gary Johnson Endorses

Judge Jim Gray has officially announced his intention to seek the Vice Presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party at their national convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, this weekend. His statement follows in full:

Dear Convention Delegates:

In 2001 I first met Gary Johnson when he, as a sitting governor of the State of New Mexico, endorsed the original edition of my book, which is entitled “Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed and What We Can Do About It: A Judicial Indictment of the War on Drugs” (Temple University Press, 2d edition, 2012).

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Johnson Says He’ll Stay Libertarian, Talks Social Issues and Drug Legalization

Gary Johnson is, according to this article, expected to be named the Libertarian Party Presidential nominee for 2012. However, there is an interview at the end of the article in which Johnson answers some interesting questions.

Q: Are you now a Libertarian for life, or could you go back to being a Republican?

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Green, Constitution, and Independent American Parties Make the Ballot in New Mexico

The Green Party, Constitution Party, and Independent American Party have all been certified by the New Mexico Secretary of State as official parties, according to Richard Winger.

On April 26, the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office approved the ballot access petitions filed earlier this month for the Constitution Party, the Green Party, and the Independent American Party.

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Gary Johnson Polling Numbers and Favorability Ratings Drop in New Mexico

Former two term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who is the leading candidate for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, has seen his polling numbers and favorability ratings drop in his home state according to Public Policy Polling.

Gary Johnson’s third party Presidential bid may be hurting his image in his home state.

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Gary Johnson and Wayne Root Co-Host Online Town Hall Monday

Gary  Johnson & Wayne Root C0-Host Online Town Hall
January 27, 2012, Santa Fe, NM – Former New Mexico Governor and current presidential candidate Gary Johnson will be joined Monday, January 30, by nationally-known Libertarian leader and commentator Wayne Allyn Root for a live on-line Town Hall. Participants who go to www.garyjohnson2012.com
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