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Green Party of NY Slams Lawmakers and [Dem] Governor for Midnight Sellout of New Yorkers

GPNYS press release, as posted at onthewilderside.com:

Green Party Slams Cuomo, Lawmakers for Midnight Sellout of New Yorkers

The Green Party of New York blasted Governor Cuomo and state lawmakers for their middle of the night votes to continue gerrymandering of state legislative districts in exchange for passing Cuomo’s assault on the pension benefits of government workers.… Read more ...

Occupy Wall Street Politics and Electoral Reform Group Seeking Input

Damon Eris at Third Party Independent:

Since the Occupy Wall Street protests began in downtown Manhattan on September 17th, I have noted on a number of occasions that there is an inspiring amount of independent and third party activity and organizing taking place at the demonstrations.  Members of the Green, Libertarian, Socialist and Reform parties, among others, have been involved in the movement from the very beginning, in addition to legions of Independents. … Read more ...

The Case for Proportional Representation

Read the full article at OpEdNews.com.

Activists across the political spectrum were universally dismayed with last year’s Supreme Court decision in Citizens United, overturning the extremely tame McCain-Feingold campaign finance reforms that took nearly a decade to enact. A national grassroots coalition called Move to Amend believes the only way to reverse a century of similar pro-corporate Supreme Court decisions is via a constitutional amendment that specifically bans “corporate personhood” and other so-called Bill of Right protections that allow powerful corporate lobbies to corrupt the democratic process.

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Greens want NY Gov. Cuomo to act on ethics before budget

A press release from the New York State Green Party, via the Wonkster:

Hawkins, Green Party, Urges Cuomo to Include Public Campaign Finance Reform and Proportional Representation as Part of Ethics Reform Push Howie Hawkins, the former Green Party candidate for Governor, urged Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo to make Public Campaign Financing and Proportional Representation the centerpieces of a broad ethics reform package that should be adopted during the first weeks of the legislative session.… Read more ...

Proportional Representation Party: ‘Cognitive Dissonance, or the Ability to Accept a Contradictory Reality’

Posted by Pete Healey at PRParty.org, in reference to the Democrats and Republicans:

Most of us have one foot in the age that’s passing into history and one foot in the age that’s just being born. At the moment all we can do is stand and gape at those who fight each other across the chasm of these ages, one group with both feet firmly planted in the previous age and refusing to budge and the other the same.… Read more ...

Christina Tobin thanks Ralph Nader for endorsement

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Ralph Nader, 2008 Independent candidate for the U.S. presidency, recently gave his rare, yet not surprising, endorsement to Christina Tobin, Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State of California.

“Christina Tobin as Secretary of State of California will give more voices and choices to millions of California voters who think the “two-party dictatorship” is monopolizing the ballot line against third party and independent candidates,” Nader said.… Read more ...

US Greens congratulate Australian Greens on election victories in Parliament

Australia’s ‘greenslide’ is a result of Proportional Representation — a reform promoted by Greens for fair elections in the US

“Hung Parliament” will give Australian Greens unprecedented power

Green Party Speakers Bureau: Greens available to speak on international issues, electoral reform, related topics: http://www.gp.org/speakers/subjects.php

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States congratulates Australian Greens (http://greens.org.auRead more ...

Stuart Jeanne Bramhall discusses electoral reform and the New Zealand Green Party on Counterpunch

From Counterpunch (read the full thing here):

There seems to be agreement on all points on the political spectrum that our current elected government doesn’t really represent the American public. Whether this relates to the fact that they are elected by a mere 30% of eligible adults is hotly debated on the left…

In my mind it makes more sense strategically to nibble around the edges of electoral reform.

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Port Chester Cumulative Voting Seems More Useful to Minor Parties and Independents than to Hispanics

From Ballot Access News:

On June 15, Port Chester, New York, held a partisan election to elect six village trustees. The winners include the only Conservative Party nominee (he was not the nominee of any other party), and one of the two independent candidates. Only two Hispanics were on the ballot.

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Bill Redpath: My Last Column as Chairman of the Libertarian Party

by William Redpath

Reprinted from the May 2010 issue of LP News at LP.org

I don’t know how he did it. Mickey Spillane supposedly squirreled himself away for a short period of time, and BAM-BAM-BAM-BAM-BAM—he would write a book. He wrote “I, the Jury” in only nineteen days, according to his Wikipedia page.… Read more ...

Greens launch effort against Electoral College manipulation of presidential elections

Press release from the national Green Party

Malapportionment of Electoral College votes may lead to a Republican victory despite the popular vote, disenfranchising tens of thousands of voters, especially black voters in southern states

Green civil action seeks to democratize the Electoral College by enforcing 14th Amendment voter protections, names Vice President Cheney as defendent

WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders said today that the outcome of the 2008 presidential election may be affected by the antidemocratic apportionment of Electoral College votes, with the popular vote misrepresented by the winner-take-all system of assigning votes to electors.… Read more ...