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Posts tagged as “Reform Party”

Reform Party Issues Press Supplement

In preparation for its forthcoming National Convention, the Reform party has released a set of press statements covering different issues.  The Reform Party claims:

Reform Party Convention 2023 Fact Sheet

  • The Reform Party is a moderate, centrist party founded in 1996 by the supporters of Ross Perot.

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Reform Party Gains Representation in Rhode Island; Other Areas

Tony Jones, a member of the Reform Party, was appointed to the Narragansett, Rhode Island, Historical Cemetery Commission in late January. According to an official statement released by the Reform Party, he is the fourth person supported by the Reform Party to be “elected or appointed to a public office in the past nine months.”… Read more ...

Max Linn: Former Reform Party Gubernatorial Nominee, Independent Senate Candidate Dead of Heart Attack

Max Linn, a colorful figure who sought elected office from a variety of different parties over the years, has died of an apparent heart attack in Maine.

Linn is likely best known to IPR readers from his 2006 campaign for governor of Florida on the Reform Party ballot line.… Read more ...

Time Capsule: ‘Pitchfork Pat’ Buchanan Bolts GOP, Declares Reform Party Candidacy

Patrick J. Buchanan, the pugnacious conservative commentator whose insurgent candidacies briefly threatened the GOP’s frontrunners in 1992 and 1996, dropped out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination and announced that he was seeking the Reform Party’s nomination on the last Monday of October in 1999.… Read more ...