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American Freedom Party: How Come Mexico Can Require Voters To Prove Citizenship And Arizona Can’t?

Posted on the American Freedom Party’s website on June 26, 2013: 

By Allan Wall | The news from the U.S. Senate is bad enough: the new 1200 page Hoeven-Corker “Border Surge” amendment to the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill will be voted on Monday—requiring Senators to read 24 pages an hour for 16 hours a day over the weekend.… Read more ...

Forbes: Don’t Waste Your Vote

Art Carden of Forbes wrote an article articulating the problems with voting for the two major parties. He explains that certain states will always swing one way or another, and so to send a message it would be best to find a candidate that best aligns with your views, because voting for a third party candidate is not a wasted voted.… Read more ...

Occupy Wall Street Politics and Electoral Reform Group Seeking Input

Damon Eris at Third Party Independent:

Since the Occupy Wall Street protests began in downtown Manhattan on September 17th, I have noted on a number of occasions that there is an inspiring amount of independent and third party activity and organizing taking place at the demonstrations.  Members of the Green, Libertarian, Socialist and Reform parties, among others, have been involved in the movement from the very beginning, in addition to legions of Independents. … Read more ...

Lee Wrights: Communist Party chair endorses ‘lesser of two evils’

by R. Lee Wrights

BURNET, Texas (Aug. 7) – Even though he said he was “disappointed” by “some aspects” of President Obama’s domestic and foreign policy, the chairman of the Communist Party has endorsed the President for reelection in 2012. Writing in The People’s World, CPUSA chair Sam Webb said, “In our view, the differences between the two parties of capitalism are of consequence to class and democratic struggles.”… Read more ...

Lee Wrights: Voting for the lesser of two evils

by R. Lee Wrights

BURNET, Texas (Aug. 3) – It never ceases to amaze me how many citizens can vote for a candidate who doesn’t represent their views merely because he’s not as bad as the other guy, and then complain about the results. This phenomenon reminds me of a joke that circulated after the 1964 presidential election.… Read more ...

Lee Wrights: The Wasted Vote Lie

by R. Lee Wrights

“Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual – or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.”

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N.C. GOP vice chair endorses ballot access reform bill

CHARLOTTE (April 26) – The vice chairman of the N.C. Republican Party has endorsed passage of House Bill 32, the Electoral Freedom Act of 2011, a ballot access reform bill supported by a coalition of groups from across the political spectrum.

In a statement, Tim Johnson said, “House Bill 32, The Electoral Freedom Act of 2011, is a great opportunity to level the playing field and to give all citizens the equal opportunity to fully participate in the governing of our Republic.”… Read more ...

Third Party Illinois Governor Candidate Rich Whitney to appear on MSNBC 10/20/2010

From a Rich Whitney for Governor 2010 press release:

Rich Whitney to Appear on MSNBC

Carbondale, IL— Rich Whitney, Green party candidate for governor, will appear on MSNBC this Wednesday, October 20th. Mr. Whitney will be interviewed by host Tamron Hall on the show NewsNation live at 1:15 PM central.

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Quantifying the Libertarian Vote

A new policy analysis from the Cato Institute estimates that roughly 14% of American voters can be classified as libertarian, with ‘libertarian’ defined as “socially liberal and fiscally conservative.”

We find that 14 percent of American voters can be classified as libertarian. Other surveys find a larger number of people who hold views that are neither consistently liberal nor conservative but are best described as libertarian.

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July 4th, 2009: National protest to register independent

The initiator of this project is “ReTeaParty“, a project of The Political Exploration and Awareness Committee PAC (“PEAC”), a non-partisan group. PEAC’s web site states that they are “a political action committee that campaigns on behalf of issues, candidates, and potential candidates that promote honesty and Constitutional leadership.”

from the ReTea Party.comRead more ...

Georgia legislature passes bill making it harder to register to vote

from Ballot Access News
Georgia Legislature Ends, Passes Bill Making it Harder to Register to Vote
April 4th, 2009

The Georgia legislature adjourned Friday night, April 3, a few minutes before midnight. On the last day the House passed SB 86. It requires people who are registering to vote to submit either a birth certificate or, if the person was born in a foreign country, documents showing the person was born a citizen, or naturalization documents.

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Election Officials in Kentucky Arrested for Allegedly Fraudulently Changing Votes

from Ballot Access News
County Election Officials in Kentucky Arrested for Allegedly Fraudulently Changing Votes on Vote-Counting Machine
March 19th, 2009

On March 19, several Clay County officials were arrested and charged with various federal crimes involving elections and election returns. Among those arrested were the Clay Circuit Court Judge and the County Clerk.

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