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Wyoming Governor Signs First Ever Tri-Partisan Bill

Press release from the Libertarian Party:

On Wednesday, March 9th, at approximately 2pm MST, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon signed four bills into law, including HB 81, the state’s first ever tri-partisan piece of legislation. Libertarian Representative Marshall Burt authored the Operation of Motorcycles – Disabled Persons bill which received the maximum number of co-sponsors from Republicans and Democrats and passed every reading in the House and Senate without a single vote against it before making its way to the governor’s desk. The bill signing was attended by staff of the national Libertarian Party, including Whitney Bilyeu, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee.

“It is an extreme honor to be present for this historic occasion — the signing of Wyoming’s first tri-partisan sponsored bill,” said Bilyeu. “We appreciate the cooperation and collaboration offered by those Wyoming legislators who stood by our friend, Representative Marshall Burt, in this effort.”

Marshall was elected in 2020 to represent Wyoming’s 39th district.

Last month the Libertarian Party was officially recognized as a minority party in the Wyoming legislature, and Representative Burt was appointed to the Corporations Committee, a distinguished honor rarely given to representatives in their first term. Marshall plans to run again in 2022.

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  1. George Whitfield George Whitfield March 13, 2022

    Congratulations to Marshall Burt and the Libertarian Party!

  2. Jared Jared March 14, 2022

    That’s great news!

  3. Anastasia Beaverhausen Anastasia Beaverhausen March 14, 2022

    It must be slow times for National if they are jetting off to Wyoming for a bill signing. How much did this cost the membership, and did our Party staff and leadership comply with the federal transportation mask mandate? I hope not.

    If this is all the news we have going on, the LP isn’t doing very well.

  4. Starchild Starchild March 17, 2022

    Good point Anastasia. Much better things on which to allocate party resources than attending bill signings! Like lobbying for the NEXT piece of pro-freedom legislation.

    This news blurb doesn’t tell us anything about what the legislation HB 81 actually DOES. I’m thinking that if it got unanimous support from the Republicans and Democrats, it can’t be that great. Anything really good that passes, I would expect to have significant opposition, because most government legislators do not care about freedom and worse, many of them actively work on behalf of special interests to undermine it.

  5. Jared Jared March 18, 2022

    I’d also like to read the contents of the bill, but why assume the worst? Only a Libertarian could interpret multipartisan support for their own candidate’s legislation as a bad omen.

  6. Starchild Starchild March 19, 2022

    I wasn’t suggesting that HB 81 was a BAD bill, merely wondering how GOOD it was. Reading from the material at the link Morey posted (Morey Strauss? Is that you??), it apparently repeals a few unnecessary motorcycle regulations to make it easier for disabled folks to legally ride them, etc.

    Certainly a worthy legal change, but not so momentous in my opinion that it justifies flying Libertarian Party staff to Wyoming at the party’s expense for a bill-signing ceremony.

    Although to be fair, it’s not entirely clear from the press release that this is what happened. I’m guessing LP chair Whitney Bilyeu probably paid her own way there (kudos if so), and if any paid staff were present (as implied by the use of the word “staff”), it’s possible they also got there on their own, or were already nearby for other purposes or something.

  7. Andy Andy March 19, 2022

    It would not surprise me at all if they used party funds for this unnecessary travel. It would not be the first time.

  8. Morey Morey March 20, 2022

    @Starchild yep, starting to pay attention again. I might get active again in some limited capacity after closing out some personal commitments in a few months time.

    I concur with your sentiments about the bill and giving benefit of the doubt. I also note that even if it had failed, it still would have been worthwhile in that it created an opportunity for discussion of broader principles, and distracted politicians from proceeding with their usual bad deeds, even if momentarily.

    Lastly, the focus of the press release is wrong, IMO. Multi party support isn’t inherently good for liberty.

  9. Morey Morey March 20, 2022

    Whoops. My last point should have referenced Starchild’s previous comments on multi-partisanship.

  10. Anastasia Beaverhausen Anastasia Beaverhausen March 21, 2022

    Sorry, I had to chuckle at Starchild giving National staff the benefit of the doubt by writing “…or were already nearby for other purposes or something.”

    This was in freakin’ Cheyenne, Wyoming! What’s “nearby” and what in blazes would they have been doing?

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