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Open Thread for September 2016

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It’s time again for a new Open Thread. You all know the drill–it’s here for anyone to post something that might interest the group. If there’s an article, or something that’s newsworthy that doesn’t fit into another thread–well, here’s the place for it.

And the good news is that the election will be over with in ten weeks!… Read more ...

Open Thread for August 2016

Josh at Politicon

Here it is, our open thread for the month. This space is for anything you might wish to share that isn’t in another open conversation. If you find an article or a situation you’d like to share with your fellow readers at I P R, here’s the place.

In case anyone needs a reminder of why third/independent political parties are necessary, here are a couple videos for you:

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Open Thread for July 2016

Here we are again–at the beginning of a new month.  As is our tradition, here is a thread for miscellaneous articles and conversation. If you have something you’d like to share that doesn’t really fit into the comments of an existing thread, put it here. This is for YOU. Don’t plagiarize anything or libel anyone, and besides that you’ll probably be okay.… Read more ...

Open Thread for June 2016


You know what to do. This thread is for you to share anything you think the group would like. It should be related to our mission of covering Independents and third-party politics, but it doesn’t have to. Just make sure it doesn’t plagiarize something or libel someone, and you’ll probably be okay.… Read more ...

Open Thread for May 2016


As the Presidential campaign heats up, there might be info from the major parties that might interest the people who read IPR. This would be a good place to post it.
There might be information from independent or other third-party candidates that a reader might wish to share. Or, there may just be something one of our readers want to say that doesn’t follow any of the threads from our articles.… Read more ...

Open Thread for April 2016

i will

Here it is–our monthly column that’s open to all of you. If you have an article, or some bit of information you’d like to share with the group, here’s the place to do it! Hopefully, it will have something to do with third-party politics or Independents, but that’s not such a rigid rule.… Read more ...

Open Thread for February 2016

Here is our open thread for February. If you have something you want to share with the IPR community, and it doesn’t fit into any of the existing conversations, you can post it here. Hopefully it will have something to do with independents or third party politics, but you’ll be okay as long as you don’t plagiarize someone or otherwise cause problems for the owner of our site.… Read more ...

Open Thread VI for Discussions of Small ‘l’ Libertarianism and Anarchy


At Independent Political Report, our mission is to post articles about independents or alternate parties. From time to time, however, an interesting article comes around regarding the philosophy of libertarianism or anarchy, both of which are topics which many of our readers have interest in. This thread is dedicated to those articles.… Read more ...

January 2016 Open Thread

Our monthly open thread. Post news tips about alt parties and independent candidates, discuss any story that should be posted here but has not yet been posted, or even delve into completely off-topic stuff…just avoid quarantined thread subject matter and things that could get us and/or you into legal trouble such as threats, libel, and copyright infringement.… Read more ...