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Thread for LNC meeting, weekend LP state convention liveblogging, and/or February 2020 Open Thread

The LNC will be having a meeting this weekend. I don’t know yet if we will have anyone available to liveblog, but if we do, they are welcome to use this thread or start a new one for that purpose. I’ve asked on the IPR email list and on the January Open Thread and so far no one has volunteered.… Read more ...

September 2019 Open Thread

The Democrats and Republicans. What can you say? There’s the Republicans:

Then there’s the Democrats, as reported in the Onion (more accurate than the “serious” mainstream media news networks):

“EMPORIA, KS—Unveiling the new nationwide messaging strategy after six months of planning and research, the Democratic Party launched its “Listen Up, Hayseeds” campaign Monday to win over rural voters.

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Open Thread for August 2019

And so, another month starts. August promises to be a HOT month. At least some of us will be getting to tale a vacation, but for those of us at home, here’s an open thread to share your August thoughts. If you read an article or have an idea to share with the group here, and it doesn’t really fit into another conversation on IPR, here is a place for you.… Read more ...