IPR Readers Poll: Barr and Kubby win debate

Following last night’s Presidential debate at the LP convention in Denver, we posted a poll for IPR readers. Over 100 people voted in this unscientific survey are here are the results…

Bob Barr – 29 votes (27%)
Steve Kubby – 27 votes (25%)
Mary Ruwart – 22 votes (21%)
Mike Gravel – 16 votes (15%)
Wayne Root – 7 votes (7%)
George Phillies – 4 votes (4%)
Michael Jingozian – 1 vote (1%)

27 thoughts on “IPR Readers Poll: Barr and Kubby win debate

  1. Dylan Waco

    I can’t believe people are saying Ruwart did better than Gravel. I would MUCH rather Ruwart be the nominee than Gravel, but he really was the positive surprise in that debate. Ruwart was the biggest negative one.

  2. Austin Cassidy Post author

    So why can’t you believe that’s how people are scoring the debate if that’s how you feel yourself?

  3. Austin Cassidy Post author

    You said: “I can’t believe people are saying Ruwart did better than Gravel.”

    Then you said: “Gravel, but he really was the positive surprise in that debate. Ruwart was the biggest negative one.”

  4. Dylan Waco

    Well aware.

    My point is that Gravel clearly did better than Ruwart in the debate, despite the fact that I think Ruwart is a better LP canddiate than Gravel…yet this is NOT reflecting in the poll. Hence the “Huh?” to your comment.

  5. Austin Cassidy Post author

    The poll was *who won the debate* and not who is the best candidate.

  6. LPiberty

    Ruwart’s performance in the debate does not seem to greatly decrease the interest in having her on the ticket.

    I would agree though that Mr. Kubby did a very good job in the debate, where there were many good performances.

    A few surprises here. I am happily surprised how warm the welcome is for Senator Gravel.

    Christine Smith was not in the debate, but others might have mentioned that she helped get other candidates into the debate.
    And now, Jingozian helped to nominate Senator Gravel.
    What a country, what a convention.

    – Liberty & Peace 2008 –

  7. trinman

    HAving finally been able to watch the debate (rewound my tape, after Ernie & Co. ended), I almost agree with the poll results. I do think Gravel was the biggest surprise; altho he still has a way to go on a few issues (healthcare most notably — Root nailed that one perfectly, BTW; his response to that question should be the outline for our campaign statement on the subject!), his clarity of principle elsewhere gives me some encouragement that at least SOME of the newbies are entering with their eyes open …

    Barr said mostly the right things, but stumbled a little on the DOMA issue; should have just admitted he screwed up, and now sought only to trash the thing!

    Mary was a bit too dependent on the “chick thing” … if she presented it as “feminine energy” (conciliation, consensus-building, etc.) it would have been too abstract, but her anatomy should not be the issue, her perspective and heart-based compassion should be!

    Steve was very strong, as well as tossing off some of the better one liners. George was … George: getting better as he goes as a speaker, but still too combative in places. WARoot was slick as a used car dealer, but had some valid things to say, nevertheless. Jingozian looks like a future prospect, indeed.

    So I made it Kubby, Gravel, Ruwart, Barr, Root, Phillies, Jingozian

  8. trinman

    Anyone gonna post on the first ballot? Or Chrissy Smith’s tantrum? And now Cspan is giving her even more time … She is toast, but I just hope her stuff doesn’t poison the water further …

  9. Dylan Waco

    Actually the most disgraceful display was the Barr Loyalists jumping up before the first ballot was about to start parading around with Barr signs and raising hell that the Weather Underground at an SDS meeting.

    Smith spoke from the heart and as a matter of principle. She is dead wrong if she thinks Barr is a neocon, but heart and principle are two things Barr hasn’t show me he knows anything about

  10. trinman

    She went a bit too far with that speech, IMO. The issue may well be whether Barr’s heart has thawed; his grasp of the concepts seems to have improved greatly. However, Christine took a few more steps into limbo than she really needed to; she also shoulda refused to speak further to the Cspan mikes later on …

    This is actually kinda fun to watch, and I’m still happy with my decision not to be there this time. There’s an education occurring about liberty, for both the audience and the delegates here

  11. trinman

    And now we go to 4th round … If Root dropped out now, and ALL his backers went for Barr … they take it. If he stays in, I predict it will split on the 5th ballot (already assuming most of Gravel’s votes go to Mary). But it looks like a 3-way on the 5th.

  12. trinman

    This ballot will dtermine a lot … if Gravel’s votes split evenly, Mary is toast the next round. If she takes the lion[ess]’s share, anyone’s guess. THEN Root’s votes become important

  13. trinman

    OR did Root pick up a lot of Gravel’s stuff (MG said he voted for him), which would puts HIM in much closer contention (and probably lead dog for VP if he loses?)

  14. trinman

    OK … So Gravel split almost even (Mary 27, Bob 21, WAR 16, NOTA 3). NOW Root’s votes will indeed decide it, and I honestly don’t know where the fix is in … Here comes WAR to tell us …

  15. LPiberty

    A poisoned well? Is that where the water is coming from?

    Long live the ex-GOP.

    Courtesy & Respect for everyone

  16. trinman

    for entirely different reasons this will make the walkaway of 1983 look like child’s play. Ironically, back then the issue was OUTREACH, and some of us who had fought so hard for purity were convinced Ravenal was “close enough” (and so right on some things – cf. Gravel this time?), and we were opposed by the ‘purist’ Berglandistas … unitl a lot of us (from both sides) went to the “compromise uniter” … somebody by the name of Ruwart …

  17. trinman

    In retrospect I kinda wish Gravel had “realized his own roots” a bit sooner — say back BEFORE he tried to be the Dem gadfly? Hearing him speak, both on stage and with Cspan’s mikes floating around his head, he really does seem to GET IT, despite a couple of issues where he is ..

    oh well, it’s official now anyway

  18. Dylan Waco

    Root’s comment that he and Barr didn’t leave the Republican Party, it left them, tells me all I need to know about a potential Barr/Root ticket.

  19. trinman

    and now Cspan has David Weasel trying to be a snarking journalist … and missing the entire point

  20. Jerry S.

    Ruwart and crew are amatuers! Their only hope from Ballot one was dealing with Root. Giving him the VP. Notice how Barr didn’t endorse Root for VP when he had five minutes to do so.

    Well the Reformers have their ticket (I guess) Barr/Root. Have fun…

  21. Trent Hill

    Barr’s weakest point was on the fourth ballot. With him and Mary tied at 202, Root at 149, and Gravel at 76. Gravel himself voted for Root–has he endorsed him, he could have made Root and Ruwart the top-two vote getters, thus eliminating Barr.

  22. trinman

    Except for the fact that Barr/Root was already in the works by then, and had been for … any guesses how long? (My take is, they came to Denver having already made the contingency deals.)

    We lost to a superior politician, and a far better “machine” … not the first time, not the last … This time not sure of the motives, since IMO the Browne Cloud burned all the fundraising scam bridges …

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