LNC election results

Bill Redpath was re-elected chairman after two rounds of balloting. He led the first round with 183 votes vs. 113 for Ruth Bennett and 70 for Ernie Hancock. Most predicted Hancock supporters would rally behind Ms. Bennett, but that was not the case. Redpath won the second round 204-147.

The race for vice-chair included a surprise entrant, Mike Jingozian. He defeated the previously unopposed incumbent, Chuck Moulton, by a vote count of 224-147.

The candidates elected at-large members of the LNC were Mary Ruwart (221 votes), Lee Wrights (196), Pat Dixon (194), Michael Colley (191), and Angela Keaton (188).

Bob Sullentrup and Aaron Starr were elected secretary and treasurer, respectively.

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  1. bsharitt

    I was surprised to see Jingozian not only run for vice chair, but especially to see him win. He seemed to me to be more of a guy who wanted to run for the office and saw the Libertarian party as a conduit, not as someone who wanted to step into active party leadership.

  2. Gene Trosper

    Congratulations to everyone elected! It’s nice to see Mary Ruwart elected as well!

  3. G.E. Post author

    Finally, the reformers threw us a bone. Thanks, guys.

    I should have said h/t to Peter Overtti for this info, btw.

  4. Gene Trosper

    The reformers did more than throw a bone. They wanted to make nice with people who literally were throwing fits like children. They had every right to ignore the radical faction. I congratulate them on reaching out to the “radicals” in the face of such hostility.

  5. Austin Cassidy

    Nice work on Jingozian’s part. I hope he seeks a state office in Oregon now to continue sharpening his skills.

    An obvious rising star if he keeps it up.

  6. Mike Theodore

    Damned Redpath! Thou hast thwarted me yet!
    Jingozian replacing Moulton? That’s weird. I saw him as a front runner in 2012. He’ll do. I’ll miss Chuck Moulton, though.
    Anyone know if Wes Benedict was running for his At-large position?

  7. John P Slevin

    Austin is correct, running in Oregon would be a very interesting possibility for Jingozian.

    We need more people who start realistically. We need fewer who start by running for President.

  8. John P Slevin

    On the first Chair ballot, the numbers show that Hancock/Bennett equaled Redpath’s numbers.

    Why, oh why can’t people maneuver?

    Damn! LOL

  9. Steve Perkins

    My heart goes out to Chuck Moulton. The poor guy wasn’t a “reformer” or a “radical”… just a really nice guy who tried to stay above the fray, be fair to everybody, and work hard to do a great job furthering the Party. He unfortunately got caught in the crossfire of a fight that he wasn’t a part of. After the first few days went so lopsided in favor of the reformers on Platform an the Barr/Root folks on nomination, the other factions needed a win somewhere… and Chuck took the hit. He seemed a bit hurt from the stage, but I don’t there was any malice involved… it was just politics. I think everyone at the convention and in the Party overall has deep respect for Chuck, and I hope we see him back on the national stage in the future.

    Personally, I was glad to see that many of the radicals who vowed not to attend after last night did show up this morning. I’m okay with the new LNC, and wish them the best in the work they have to do.

    By the way, the Georgia delegation voted for Ruwart unanimously.

  10. G.E. Post author

    Steve – I agree. I was somewhat skeptical of Chuck, with the only reason being that he was an incumbent. I had been friendly with him online, and he seemed cool, but still…. Then I saw Tom Knapp with a Re-Elect Chuck sticker on, and I asked him about him, and he said he was legit. I told Chuck he’d have my support before I knew the elections would be held on Monday.

    I don’t think the radicals should see this as a victory. It isn’t like Jingozian is one of us. In fact, he played a role in our defeat!

    Steve – Are you sure the radicals backed Jingo?

  11. G.E. Post author

    Also: Good to know the GA delegation gave Mary 100% support. I know a lot of people, like you, tried to get Kubby on the VP slot for unity, and I appreciate those efforts.

  12. Steve Perkins

    I don’t know if it’s fair to say that the radicals backed Jingo as a unified block. Before the votes started, Gravel and Kubby gave speeches… and Gravel went out of his way to praise Jingo as a rising star in the Party, and urged everyone to back him for Vice-Chair. I think it was largely the strong Gravel endorsement that pushed Jingo over the top… and a lot of people (myself included) DO see Jingo as a rising star. I just wish it hadn’t played out at Chuck’s expense… he’s one of the few true unifying leaders that we have. I’m optimistic that Jingo will be an above-the-fray type himself.

    If you missed the morning speeched (I haven’t seen anyone blogging about them), Kubby like I said also gave another unity speech this morning. He announced that he got a phone call from his lawyer this morning… and the California government has agreed to drop all his legal problems and expunge his record. The crowd exploded in applause. Maybe the government didn’t want to deal with him after the amount of publicity that this weekend’s convention attracted. Or maybe (conspiracy theory time!)… could Barr have made a few phone calls? 🙂

  13. Mike Theodore

    I always thought that Jingozian would be the perfect unifying candidate. I called the campaign to see what there plan was (as I thought the party needed him), and they said he was pretty much campaigning for vice president. I didn’t know till about a week ago that he was planning on going with Gravel.
    Gravel/Jingozian! I would have led the Illinois state chapter, what dream it was!

  14. G.E. Post author

    Well, I don’t think the radicals have much love for Gravel, either. He stabbed Mary in the back, imo, and coroneted the all-Republican ticket. Redpath should have paid for the LNC/LPHQ crimes, not Chuck. And why the hell anyone would listen to Gravel is beyond me. Oh well.

    Sorry to burst the bubble, but I heard about the expungment the day before, and I think it was a day old then. I’m not sure why Kubby was holding the announcement. You’d think he could have used it.

  15. Steve Perkins

    I saw the Jingo-to-Gravel thing coming after talking to the Oregon folks yesterday morning. They were really concerned about how Barr would effect their downticket, since their target base up there is a bit left-leaning (particularly on environmentalism… Barr’s “polar bears belong in the zoo” spiel doesn’t play there). Gravel was their natural backup due to his own left leanings and departures from the LP base on environmentalism.

    Of course, I didn’t know until after it was over that Jingo had taken tokens from Ruwart to get in the debate (I had assumed Barr helped him… I still don’t know who it was that Barr gave tokens to). I hope that the Ruwart crowd won’t hold bad blood against Jingo forever, although I can completely understand them being upset.

  16. Mike Theodore

    Well, they gave Jingozian the tokens when he was already with Gravel. Only the people in the respective camps knew though. He couldn’t turn them down, and couldn’t back down the plan with Gravel. Awkward position for him, but the Gravel/Jingo plan was already in the works. Ruwart won’t hold a grudge, she seems pretty nice. But some of her supporters are very, VERY angry.

  17. Robert Milnes

    “…the Georgia delegation voted for Ruwart unanimously.” Georgia delegation=Barr. Barr throws Ruwart a bone. Ruwart=radicals. Radicals placated. Coup.

    Barr had this all planned long ago via gop/cia et al e.g. thinktanks, supercomputers. Purpose: thwart progressive alliance victory via LP. Fait accompli. =libertarins gop/cia dupes.

  18. G.E. Post author

    Mike Theo- Yes, there is quite a disconnect between the demeanor of Mary and her supporters.

  19. Steve Perkins

    The Barr staffers rushed people to the floor for a couple of votes on the Bylaws day, and gave a general endorsement of the majority report on the Platform debate. The Barr staffers weren’t even on the floor at all this morning (I don’t mean to be flippant, but they were busy with CNN etc and didn’t seem concerned with stacking the LNC). The Georgia delegation this morning was just the non-staffer average folks… including a couple who backed Ruwart for President and a few who worked the floor for Kubby on VP. We had no “marching orders” this morning.

    Aww shit… why am I indulging Milnes?!?

  20. Robert Milnes

    Steve Perkins, this has been a work in progress for years. By the time it came for bone to be thrown to Ruwart it was a done deal long ago. Remember Stalag 17. “Just act like nothing happened.” Libertarian radical revolutionaries. What a joke.

  21. G.E. Post author

    Oh, and by the way, Steve… Do you remember saying this on TPW in response to the creation of IPR?

    ” When the overwhelming majority of your posts to a blog are about how badly it sucks and everything its owners are about is crap, the discussion isn’t harmed much by a threat to leave. The real threat is that you ultimately won’t.

    “I’ll see you back here same time next week (if not tomorrow).”

    Any thoughts?

  22. G.E. Post author

    Millnesy – Just because you’re radically homeless does not mean you’re a radical in the sense that we’re talking about.

  23. Steve Perkins

    Ehh… I’m not a TPW-apologist. They’ve really dropped the ball on lack of updates and the requirement that all posts filter through a moderator. I’m not sure if they want to use it for a mouthpiece or just kill it off all altogether.

    I still think it’s lame when people stick around a blog for no other reason than to bitch 24/7 about how bad it sucks. It’s also lame when people cry about how they’re taking their ball and going home, only to never actually do so. I challenged you to put up or shut up, and to your credit you have put up.

  24. chuckmoulton

    Thanks to everyone who supported me for Vice-Chair!

    It looks like a very strong LNC. The winning At-Large candidates are exactly who I would have voted for if I had been able to (although Robert’s Rules allows the acting chair to vote on ballot votes, I was not permitted to vote while presiding). I met all the regional representatives and alternates and they seem very capable as well.

    I supported Bill Redpath for re-election, though I also believe Ruth would have done a very good job as Chair and I think Ernie is a great asset to the Party and the movement in other capacities.

    Bob Sullentrup is the most capable Secretary we’ve ever had. Aaron Starr’s budgets are very clear and detailed.

    I’m confident Jingozian will be good for the Party as Vice-Chair: his marketing and business experience as well as his perspective on the presidential campaign process will serve us well.

    I’m going to focus on school for a few years. I’ll run again for the LNC in 2010 or 2012.

  25. chuckmoulton

    FYI, here are the regional reps (from memory):

    Region 1: Tony Ryan (rep), George Squyres (alt)
    Region 2: Mark Hinkle (rep), Scott Lieberman (alt)
    Region 3: Rebeca Sink-Burris (rep), Bob Jackson (alt)
    Region 4: Stewart Flood (rep), Heather Scott (alt)
    Region 5 (5S): Dr. Jim Lark (rep), Berlie Etzel (alt)
    Region 6: Julie Fox (rep), Jake Porter (alt)
    Region 7 (5N): Dan Karlan (rep), Hardy Macia (alt)

    I’m not certain those will be the final region numberings, but the scheme above preserves existing numbers as much as possible. Because the northeast formed a double region with the mid-Atlantic and used a regional agreement to be autonomous, they might use a North/South numbering.

    Note also that three former presidential candidates are on the LNC: Mary Ruwart, Michael Jingozian, and Bob Jackson.

  26. G.E. Post author

    Word on the floor was that Bob Barr beat out Lee Wrights for the regional spot. What happened there?

  27. chuckmoulton

    My understanding was region 4 was a double region, which included the old region 4 – Arkansas + Texas.

    An election was held for regional reps. The candidates were Stewart Flood, Bob Barr, and Lee Wrights, who finished in that order. Thus, Flood and Barr were the two reps.

    An election was held for regional alternates. The candidates were Heather Scott and Lee Wrights (there might have been others), who finished in that order.

    Florida then withdrew from the region and formed a different region (with Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Hawaii). That left region 4 with around 17% — less than was necessary to sustain a double region.

    Therefore, reps had to be determined for the resulting single region. Because Flood had finished above Barr, Flood was the rep. Because Scott had finished above Wrights, Scott was the alternate.

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