Reason’s wrap-up of LP ‘fringe’ candidates

Reason‘s Dave Weigel published a quick reference guide to “the people you’ll never hear about again” in the LP. Christine Smith, Alden Link, Daniel Imperato, Jim Burns (“the sane fringe candidate”), and Robert Milnes are profiled.

Of Milnes, Weigel says:

[He is a] sad figure who spent months 1) saying he’d accept the mantle of a cross-party progressive alliance and 2) begging for money to get to Denver; Milnes was here in spirit. Plenty of people, including the comic Doug Stanhope, received his appeals for travel money. It’s for the best that Milnes didn’t show up (take a second and read his platform plank on back-to-Africa emigration), and I hope that for everyone who pokes fun at him, there’s someone else trying to get him help.

Milnes, as IPR has reported, has continued his candidacy as an independent.

Read Reason‘s Live from the LP Convention: Some Early Fare-thee-Wells for the complete report.

10 thoughts on “Reason’s wrap-up of LP ‘fringe’ candidates

  1. Jeff Wartman

    I hope that for everyone who pokes fun at him, there’s someone else trying to get him help.

    While I do get frustrated while reading the rants of Milnes, it’s important to remember that he is, after all, diagnosed mentally ill, on the verge of being homeless, and unemployed. I hope he catches a break, honestly.

  2. Jason_Gatties

    I didn’t read the article. However, Jim Burns has been involved with the LP for a long time, so in that regard, I’m sure he’s not going anywhere. He may not run for president again, but he’ll stay involved.

  3. G.E. Post author

    J.G. – Weigel threw Burns a bone by pointing out that he was sane. It is true that he was most certainly a fringe candidate. Clearly the sanest. I think it’s a case of him encapsulating all of the fringe candidates, all of which but one of whom are not quite sane, and making a general statement for a better headline.

  4. Fred Church Ortiz

    Though everyone’s life would be measurably better if Milnes got a steady job, reasonable living quarters, and a girlfriend that reciprocates, it’s hard to sympathize with a person that antagonizes you for your support.

    On the other hand, I’m sure more people would donate to his reprogramming than did to his campaign.

  5. Mike Theodore

    I agree that I’m happy he didn’t rip Burns. I like the guy, I hope he makes a credible run for a local office. He seems like he can represent libertarianism humorously and effectively. Jim Burn’s book maybe?

  6. Steve Perkins

    I liked Burns. He impressed me in the “unofficial” debate, and I ended up giving him my VP support token. However, I did cringe when I saw him working the floor on Sunday… wearing a full suit with white gym socks. Much like Jingozian, he was a Presidential candidate who would have made a better LNC candidate. Hope we hear more from him on the activist/organizational level.

  7. inDglass

    That picture of Christine Smith is a laugh. I think I’ve seen that pose before, but discussing that here might threaten IPR’s reputable status with Google News. 😉

  8. chattr

    Burns? Is he the fellow who had his middle name legally changed to “Libertarian” and was a NatComm/ExecComm member from Nevada way back in 1976?

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