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Green Party Congressional Roundup

Posted at Green Party Watch by Gregg Jocoy

This is essentially little more than a series of links to stories about Greens running for Congress.

Wanda Sabir writes about New Orleans based Green Malik Rahim and his campaign for Congress from his New Orleans district.

Perhaps candidates like Rahim who believe in a sustainable economy and true social justice will change the tenets of a party that is more on the page than the other two, which aren’t even in the right chapter.

Christine Anne Piesyk writes about Tennessee Green John Miglietta who is running for Congress from the 5th District. She writes at Clarkesville Online about his fundraising to date, and his campaign plans in general.

Campaigns must focus on issues. Miglietta and the Green Party call for the public financing of elections and an end to corporate special interest funding of elections.

Over at PolitickerMD the Green Party candidate for Congress from that state’s 8th District lays out his case against burning more oil. The candidate, Gordon Clark says that changing the climate in Washington must come before saving the global climate.

“The last thing we need now is a debate between the President and Congress about where to do more oil drilling.”

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