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Malik Rahim at Green Party national convention

Malik Rahim was a keynote speaker at the Green Party US convention. He is running for Congress in Louisiana’s 2nd district (New Orleans area). According to wikipedia, “Malik Rahim (born Donald Guyton in 1948) is a former Black Panther, convicted felon, and a long-time housing and prison activist in the U.S. state of Louisiana. He gained publicity as a community organizer in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. ” He is a Navy Vietnam veteran and a native of Algiers, LA. He ran for New Orleans City Council in 2002. He co-founded the Common Ground Collective, a network of volunteer organizations offering support to the residents of New Orleans.

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  1. sunshinebatman sunshinebatman July 27, 2008

    I wish this guy would back up McKinney, etc in saying the levees were bombed. He runs away from this issue.

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