Rosa Clemente piece in U. Albany Times Union

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Article about Albany Alum (and GP VP) Rosa Clemente by Mark Perry in the Times Union:

Rosa Clemente came to the University at Albany at a heady time for minority student activism.

There were demands for more students of color. Organizing. Opposition groups. Marches. Rodney King. Amadou Diallo.

Clemente, who later worked briefly in the Legislature, was arrested twice at protests here.

“I think it was twice,” Clemente said Wednesday. “It could have been one more, I don’t remember.”

Now 36, the 1995 UAlbany graduate and self-described black Puerto Rican hip hop activist and journalist is still involved in politics — national politics.

The North Carolina resident recently became the vice presidential candidate in former U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney’s Green Party presidential campaign.

Prominent rappers like Chuck D of Public Enemy sing her praises. M1 of Dead Prez put out this statement:

“Knowing that Rosa Clemente is down with Cynthia McKinney’s run, I feel that now is the greatest opportunity for the Hip-Hop community to put our collective strength and power to the test and vote for someone who represents who we are and what we stand for.”

Raised in the South Bronx, Clemente was president of the Albany State University Black Alliance (ASUBA) during her college days in the Capital Region.

Among issues she cares about are a living wage, access to college that doesn’t leave you buried in debt, an end to the war, the so-called prison-industrial complex, police brutality and the death penalty.

The Greens got less than 1 percent of the vote in the last presidential election, according to Reuters. Clemente said the goal this time is 5 percent, a threshold that she said would bring ballot access and matching funds.

At the party’s convention in Chicago earlier this month, she pledged to fight “-isms and ideologies that divide us.”

“Dick Cheney, bring it on,” she joked.

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