Wayne Root denies ‘Iranian cockroaches’ comment

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According to the Classical Liberal blog, “land developer Treg Loyden” spoke with Wayne Allyn Root on the campaign trail, and heard Root say:

“America should just let Israel alone, defend itself, and go nuke the heck out of those Iranian cockroaches. Blow ‘em all up… just nuke the place for a thousand years.”

UPDATE: I contacted Root through his website, seeking clarification. On July 20th, Root responded as follows:

“NOT accurate at all. Ask Steve Kubby. He was a witness. He backs up that this was NOT what was said. So ridiculous. I’m busy Thomas traveling the nation and winning over non-Libertarians, Republicans, Reagan Democrats, independents to our message.

“6% poll numbers nationwide (translating to 6 to 7 million voters) certainly prove the value of our message.

“And by the way I’ve done dozen upon dozen of radio interviews (certainly more than any LP VP ever)…my responses on Iraq and EVERY issue have been well received by the American public. I take live calls across USA from total strangers…and to date EVERY single caller has been won over by my appearances. We’re winning lots of fans!

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4 thoughts on “Wayne Root denies ‘Iranian cockroaches’ comment

  1. Allen


    I was there too, for a lot of the conversation. What I saw was my friend Treg doing the usual libertarian thing of telling someone else how to do it the way he would, and misunderstanding my friend Wayne’s explanations of why he doesn’t do it Treg’s way, taking the explanations as argument instead of discussion.

    I didn’t hear anything close to the quote alleged above, but I did see Treg vigorously shake Wayne’s hand in a big show of agreement on a Middle-east point.

    Overall, I didn’t get the sense that Treg was listening to Wayne, and felt unheard himself.

    I like both of these guys personally. They’re both pack leaders, and maybe one of them was bothered by the other’s refusal to yield. We get a lot of that around here.


  2. aynrkey

    I’ll believe Root once Kubby backs him up. One of them has credibility, the other used to embrace killing Muslims until partway through his own primary campaign.

  3. Carol Moore DC

    Root is obviously an Israel Firster and an America Seconder so it is hardly surprising he’d say something bigoted like that.

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