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Socialist Workers Party ballot access update

The latest issue of The Militant reports on Socialist Workers Party ballot access efforts. In New York, supporters “celebrated July 27 after collecting 29,480 signatures — nearly double the requirement — to place Roger Calero, SWP candidate for U.S. president, and his running mate Alyson Kennedy on the New York state ballot. Campaigning in Buffalo, Albany, and the greater New York City metropolitan area, the campaigners wrapped up the drive in two weeks.” The SWP also reports success in gathering signatures for New York U.S. House candidates Maura DeLuca and Martin Koppel.

The Militant further reports, “Iowa socialists began petitioning July 28 in Postville, the town where almost 400 workers at the Agriprocessors meatpacking plant were arrested by immigration cops May 12. The socialists are also petitioning in Waterloo, Iowa City, the Quad-Cities area, and in Des Moines. Their goal is to collect more than 2,250 signatures for Calero and Kennedy and 450 for Frank Forrestal, the SWP candidate for U.S. Congress in the 3rd District. In Vermont, campaigners are petitioning in Burlington and Montpellier August 2-3, shooting to gather 1,500 signatures for the SWP presidential ticket. Petitioning will also take place later this month in Minnesota, and campaigners will shortly be filing for ballot status in Louisiana and Florida.”

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  1. Sivarticus Sivarticus August 2, 2008

    Funny that the commies are the first to try to drum up support from illegals in Iowa. Though I wonder how they navigate the precarious position of trying to capture two immigrant groups that hate each other? Somalis have reportedly replaced the illegal Mexicans who were busted in the raids.

    As one can imagine, this has enraged the Mexicans to no end. They must not like creeps from an alien culture eagerly stealing their jobs. Irony is a dish best served cold.

  2. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli August 3, 2008

    No human being is illegal.

    What a disgusting weasel word to use for the victims of know nothing regime aggression.

    Regime borders are illegitimate claims by the state to be the owner, or part-owner of the entire country. The socialist workers might like that (but only if they are national socialists, rather than international socialists), but why would libertarians?

    (Or Constitutionalists for that matter – since immigration restrictions are unconstitutional).

    If the regime is the owner or part owner of the country, that means they have the right to pass regulations to regulate behavior (just as you do in your own house or business), to charge taxes as a form of rent, etc.

    Very stupid of anyone who is not a national socialist to support something like that.

  3. Sivarticus Sivarticus August 3, 2008

    They became illegals the moment they decided to break our laws to get here. That said, I’m not for ridiculous solutions like building a wall. We should yank the rug out from under them by denying them use of every aspect of the welfare state–free education, healthcare, food stamps, etc. End the welfare state, and there will be no need to worry about regulating immigration anymore.

    On the other hand, perhaps the problem will start to sort itself out by other immigrants taking the Mexicans’ jobs. This pitched political battle between the Mexicans and Somalis in Iowa is just the first shot of something we’ll likely see more and more of. And I will be glad to sit back and watch, laughing the whole time. The ugly truth for the socialists and other lefties is that immigrant groups are often in fierce competition and hate each other. Just another “inconvenient truth” for kumbayah multiculturalist garbage.

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