How did your congressperson vote on the bailout?

To find out, visit this site.

Many of these congresspeople face non-corporate challengers, and this issue may well have an impact in November.

With Green, Libertarian, Constitution and many independent candidates the only competition some of these congresspeople will face in November, these “yes” votes may well bring new voters to cast the first third party vote of their lives.

58 thoughts on “How did your congressperson vote on the bailout?

  1. G.E.

    I think the Black Caucus deserves as much recognition as the GOP in general for defeating this bill. Looking in Michigan, you have Conyers and Kilpatrick — both in slam-dunk guaranteed-win districts — going against their party and voting NO.

  2. paulie cannoli

    From my local Ron Paul meetup

    Folks, find out how your House Rep voted on the bailout bill and then let the public know. I know that Spencer Bachus and Artur Davis
    both voted in favor of this bill. Call their office and let them know how you feel about this and then send a letter to the editor of your local paper.

    Once you find out how they voted, please input that info here-

    – so we can let the whole world know. This isn’t over. They will try to sneak it through again somehow, so we need to stay on top of things. Go ahead and call Sessions and Shelby and encourage them to vote no should a new bailout bill get tucked into another in a few days.


  3. Fred Church Ortiz

    My current congresswoman, a Democrat, voted in favor.

    The congressman for the house I have an offer on, a Republican, voted in favor.

    Neither has any 3rd party challengers -> coincidence?

  4. Fred Church Ortiz

    Fred, go for the crackhouse!

    We ended up ditching the crackhouse, turns out it was also infested with mold and squatters.

  5. pdsa

    It’s not as simple as just finding out who voted no. You need to investigate their motives to it seems:

    Republicans blamed Pelosi’s scathing speech near the close of the debate — which attacked Bush’s economic policies and a “right-wing ideology of anything goes, no supervision, no discipline, no regulation” of financial markets — for the vote’s failure.

    “We could have gotten there today had it not been for the partisan speech that the speaker gave on the floor of the House,” Minority Leader John Boehner said. Pelosi’s words, the Ohio Republican said, “poisoned our conference, caused a number of members that we thought we could get, to go south.”

    Rep. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., the whip, estimated that Pelosi’s speech changed the minds of a dozen Republicans who might otherwise have supported the plan.

    Julie Hirschfeld Davis, “Stunning defeat for economy bailout; stocks plunge“, Associated Press, September 29, 2008

    Anyone who voted no because Pelosi flogged the Republicans should be tossed for being so easily whipped.

  6. green in brooklyn

    Yvette Clark voted YES. NY delegation as a whole only had 4 NO votes, 5 rethugs and 20 dems votes for this monstronsity.

    GE, as for your comment about the congressional black caucus, it certainly didn;t apply in NY, but then we’re going to be the most f*cked when the markets crash. It’s going to be a dreadful few years for city and state budgets in NYC.

  7. Mike Gillis

    My Republican Congressman voted no, as well. A good sign, as he’s occasionally done the right thing.

    But given his “go along to get along” record, I still won’t be voting for him or his Dem opponent.

    Write-In to the rescue!

  8. Catholic Trotskyist

    Thanks for the link. The House’s official site has apparently been deluged so much with visits that it’s completely shut down.

  9. Jeremy Young

    Baron Hill annoys the heck out of me most days, but today he earned the vote I’m going to grudgingly cast for him by voting no on handing my tax money over to Wall Street. I’ll take what I can get.

  10. Ross Levin

    Here’s an idea: some of us IPR contributors were talking about finding out all of the races in which there was a third party/indy challenger so that we could see how the incumbent voted on this bill. If everyone reading this found out the challengers and how the incumbent voted just for the people in their state, we could compile a good-sized list.

    District 1: Dem, yes, no third party
    2: Dem, yes, no third party
    3: Rep, no, Libertarian Randall Forester
    4: Dem, no, no third party
    5: incumbent not running, Libertarian James Fryman (
    6: Rep, no, no third party
    7: Dem, yes, no third party
    8: Dem, yes, no third party
    9: Rep, no, no third party
    10: Dem, no, no third party
    11: Dem, yes, no third party
    12: Dem, yes, unopposed (why isn’t a third party running here!?!?!?!)
    13: Dem, yes, Constitution Party John McDermott ( (this is my district)
    14: Dem, yes, Green Party candidate Titus North (
    15: Rep, no, no third party
    16: Rep, no, Independent John Murphy ( and Constitution Party Dan Frank (

    Districts 17 – 19 don’t have third party challengers.

  11. Thomas L. Knapp

    My congressman — Lacy Clay, who will almost certainly be a congressman as long as he wants to be — voted no.

    I sent him a strongly worded letter urging him to do so, and called his office this morning, but I doubt that had much to do with it.

    He’s a pretty good congressman, as congressmen go. Which, of course, isn’t saying much, but to be honest he’s never gone the wrong way on a bill I’ve been concerned enough to ping him about.

  12. Mike Theodore

    I can’t wait until a Libertarian eventually runs against Melissa Bean in my district, so they can pull this out of their hat. This thing is unpopular here, but no one pays attention to Bean.

  13. Fred Church Ortiz


    * 1. Mike Thompson (D), N, Carol Wolman (G)
    * 2. Wally Herger (R), Y, none
    * 3. Dan Lungren (R), Y, Art Tuma (L), Dina Padilla (PFP)
    * 4. John Doolittle (R), N, none
    * 5. Doris Matsui (D), Y, Linda Roberts (PFP)
    * 6. Lynn Woolsey (D), N, Joel Smolen (L)
    * 7. George Miller (D), Y, Camden McConnell (L), Bill Callison (PFP)
    * 8. Nancy Pelosi (D), Y, Cindy Sheehan (I/G & PFP endorsed), Philip Berg (L), Lea Sherman (SWP/write-in)
    * 9. Barbara Lee (D), N, Jim Eyer (L)
    * 10. Ellen Tauscher (D), Y, Eugene Ruyle (PFP)
    * 11. Jerry McNerney (D), Y, none
    * 12. Jackie Speier (D), Y, Barry Hermanson (G), Kevin Peterson (L), Nathalie Hrizi (PFP/PSL), Gerardo Sanchez (SWP/write-in)
    * 13. Pete Stark (D), N, none
    * 14. Anna Eshoo (D), Y, Carol Brouillet (G), Brian Holtz (L)
    * 15. Mike Honda (D), Y, Pete Myers (G)
    * 16. Zoe Lofgren (D), Y, Steven Wells (L)
    * 17. Sam Farr (D), Y, none
    * 18. Dennis Cardoza (D), Y, (completely unopposed)
    * 19. George Radanovich (R), Y, (completely unopposed)
    * 20. Jim Costa (D), Y, none
    * 21. Devin Nunes (R), N, none
    * 22. Kevin McCarthy (R), N, none
    * 23. Lois Capps (D), Y, none
    * 24. Elton Gallegly (R), N, none
    * 25. Howard McKeon (R), Y, none
    * 26. David Dreier (R), Y, Ted Brown (L)
    * 27. Brad Sherman (D), N, Tim Denton (L)
    * 28. Howard Berman (D), Y, (completely unopposed)
    * 29. Adam Schiff (D), N, Alan Pyeatt (L)
    * 30. Henry Waxman (D), Y, (completely unopposed)
    * 31. Xavier Becerra (D), N, (completely unopposed)
    * 32. Hilda Solis (D), N, (completely unopposed)
    * 33. Diane Watson (D), N, none
    * 34. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D), N, Michael Ortega (SWP/write-in)
    * 35. Maxine Waters (D), Y, Herb Peters (L), James Harris (SWP/write-in)
    * 36. Jane Harman (D), Y, none
    * 37. Laura Richardson (D), Y, Arlene Rubinstein (SWP/write-in), Lee Davis (write-in), Peter Mathews (write-in)
    * 38. Grace Napolitano (D), N, Chris Agrella (L/***only challenger***)
    * 39. Linda Sánchez (D), N, none
    * 40. Edward R. Royce (R), N, none
    * 41. Jerry Lewis (R), Y, none
    * 42. Gary Miller (R), Y, none
    * 43. Joe Baca (D), N, none
    * 44. Ken Calvert (R), Y, none
    * 45. Mary Bono (R), Y, none
    * 46. Dana Rohrabacher (R), N, Tom Lash (G), Ernst Gansteiger (L)
    * 47. Loretta Sanchez (D), N, Robert Lauten (AIP)
    * 48. John Campbell (R), Y, Don Patterson (L)
    * 49. Darrell Issa (R), N, Lars Grossmith (L)
    * 50. Brian Bilbray (R), N, Wayne Dunlap (L)
    * 51. Bob Filner (D), N, Frodo (L)
    * 52. Duncan Hunter (R) retiring, N, Michael Benoit (L)
    * 53. Susan Davis (D), Y, Edward Teyssier (L)

  14. Catholic Trotskyist

    Someone should do a story on “Frodo” running as a libertarian in the 52nd district. From a brief look at his website, it seems he thinks that Tolkien was a libertarian political philosopher! In reality he is closer to my Catholic Trotskyist position.

  15. Hugh Jass


    I was thinking about making and distributing a “WANTED” poster in Campbell’s district (which I live in) in support of Patterson.

    BTW, Lash was my science teacher last year.

  16. VTV

    I am utterly astounded that my opponent in the 10th district of Michigan, Candice Miller voted against the bailout. Maybe she is hoping that will make it up to us for all the nazi violations of the 4th amendment that she voted for.

  17. VTV

    I am in debates, but Candice Miller does not debate. She has refused to debate since she took office from what my research has told me. She was a very popular Secretary of State here in Michigan, so she doesn’t bother to debate, or even really to campaign.

    She will be out of the running next time, because she is running for Govenor next.

  18. VTV

    I will probably be stepping aside so Mark Byrne can run in district 10, and I will be moving to district 12. It is much smaller, and I could easily door to door the entire district.

  19. darolew

    “Larsen, Y;”

    Ugh, Rick Larsen is such a tool. Since WA has a ridiculous ballot system that excludes third parties, I was planning to vote for Larsen’s Republican opponent anyway (“all other things equal, vote against the incumbent”), but this is another good reason.

  20. paulie cannoli

    Alabama: no congresspests have any independent/alternative opposition, due to oppressive state ballot access laws and a lack of those willing and able to collect the required signatures (about 6,000 valid per congressional district).

  21. Fred Church Ortiz

    I was thinking about making and distributing a “WANTED” poster in Campbell’s district (which I live in) in support of Patterson.

    BTW, Lash was my science teacher last year.

    Your county is small 😀

    Someone definitely ought to play up the whole public enemy angle with these clowns. Make the bastards squirm.

  22. darolew

    “How did your congressperson vote on the bailout?”

    I forgot to express my disapproval of the politically correct headline. “Man” has long been understood as a word which can, in some contexts, refer to both males and females. There’s nothing wrong with saying “Congressman”, “mankind”, or using masculine pronouns like “he” even when gender is unknown.

    I will not hand over my language to the PC crowd. >=(

  23. G.E.

    BTW, I just went to investopedia, and was bombarded with this quote from mass-abortionist and disgrace to his father’s legacy, billionaire kleptocrat Warren Buffet:

    “[Gold] gets dug out of the ground in Africa, or someplace. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and pay people to stand around guarding it. It has no utility. Anyone watching from Mars would be scratching their head.”

    This was in super large print, taking up half the screen, as the “quote of the day” (a feature I’ve never seen there before and I go there frequently)

    Wow… The financial media is REALLY engaging in some preemptive warfare. Investopedia’s articles on gold are unanimously against honest money — they deceived me for a while, even.

  24. Chad

    My representative Jay Inslee (D- Washington) voted against it! As long as he doesn’t vote for a reintroduced version of the bill, he’s got my vote. As darolew stated above, third party candidates are shut out up here but there is some competition from the republican candidate.

    BTW, did anybody read the title of the bill? It is:
    To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide earnings assistance and tax relief to members of the uniformed services, volunteer firefighters, and Peace Corps volunteers, and for other purposes

  25. Melty Rox

    When the masculine pronoun “he” is used, the gender is, of course, masculine. It is the sex which may be unknown.

    “Gender” is the going euphemism for “sex.”
    “Politically correct” is the going euphemism for “euphemism.”

  26. pdsa


    Congressional District 1
    Shelley Berkley (D) – Voted No
    3rd Party Opponents
    Raymond James “Jim” Duensing, Jr. – Libertarian
    Caren Alexander =- Independent American

    Congressional District 2
    Dean Heller (R) – Voted No
    3rd Party Opponents
    Craig Bergland – Green
    Sean Patrick Morse – Libertarian
    John Everhart – Independent American

    Congressional District 3
    Jon C. Porter, Sr. (R) – Voted Yes
    3rd Party Opponents
    Bob Giaquinta – Green
    Joseph P. Silvestri – Libertarian
    Floyd Fitzgibbons – Independent American
    Jeffrey C. Reeves – Independent

  27. Trent Hill

    “I have a portrait of Warren Buffett in my daughter’s playroom (formerly my office). I’m taking it down tonight!”

    Replace it with a portrait of Howard Buffet!

  28. randallthayes

    Interestingly, the only two House members from Louisiana who voted in favor of the bailout were Jim McCrery (a Republican who is not running for re-election) and Charlie Melancon (a Democrat who is running unopposed).

    The other five, who all must face the voters within the next few days or weeks, voted against the bill.

    Even the incumbents in Louisiana who face only minor opposition this election voted “no.”

  29. G.E.

    It’s pretty sad that Dennis Kucinich comes off more capitalist than 1/3 of the Republican Party. Yeah, he voices some support for added regulation, but he also states the obvious — the Wall Street should “clean up its own mess” — and, unlike most of the Republicans who voted AGAINST the bill, he questions the IDEA of the bailout, not just the details. As for his call that homeowners, etc., should be maybe be bailed out instead, I don’t agree, but there’s certainly a stronger argument that they should rather than Wall Street.

  30. G.E.

    Here’s Michigan’s list of criminals who voted yes and their opponents:

    3. Vern Ehlers (R)
    Henry Sanchez (D)
    Erwin Haas (L)

    4. Dave Camp (R)
    Andrew Concannon (D)
    Alitta Hren (L)
    John Emerick (C)

    5. Dave Kildee (D) [my district]
    Matt Sawicki (R)
    Ken Mathenia (G)
    Leonard Schwartz (L)

    6. Fred Upton (R)
    Don Cooney (D)
    Edward Pinkney (G)
    Greg Merle (L)

    12. Sander Levin (D)
    Bert Copple (R)
    Bill Opalicky (G)
    John Vico (L)
    Les Townsend (C)

    15. John Dingell (D)
    John Lynch (R)
    Aimee Smith (G)
    Greg Stempfle (L)

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