Ten qualify as write-in presidential candidates in Indiana

Indiana’s Elkhart Truth reports that there are 10 qualified write-in candidates for president in the state. They are Chuck Baldwin, Lawson Mitchell Bone, Darrell L. Castle, Michael L. Faith, Lou Kujawski, Cynthia McKinney, Brian Moore, Kevin Mottus, Ralph Nader, and John Leroy Plemons. Libertarian Bob Barr is the only alternative party candidate actually on the ballot.

8 thoughts on “Ten qualify as write-in presidential candidates in Indiana

  1. G.E.

    My guess is that Indiana requires you to qualify as a write-in for president/vice president, and he is qualified so that he can be written in as Baldwin’s VP.

    Just a guess, though.

  2. richardwinger

    Castle filled out the wrong form. He is on the list of presidential candidates, but it was just an accident.

  3. Mike Gillis

    Is Alan Keyes even TRYING anymore? He’s on the ballot in three states that he didn’t have to petition for, and a write-in in only ONE more?

    Pretty sad.

  4. inDglass

    I wish we had gotten Charles Jay on by that ridiculous July deadline (I still can’t figure out how they can justify needing write-in paperwork that early). I am ok with voting for Baldwin or maybe Nader, but I wish I could vote for a real libertarian. 🙁

  5. NonGrata

    inDglass, I share your pain – I’ve voted for the Libertarian candidate in every Presidential election since 1992, but this year, my conscience just won’t allow it. Bob Barr is not, by any stretch of the yardstick, a true libertarian.

    Barr’s rude last-minute snub of Ron Paul (when Rep. Paul was trying to persuade people to vote for a third party – ANY third party – to shake up the establishment and send a wake up call to Washington D.C.) was the final straw for me. No Bob Barr.

    I’ll be voting for Baldwin, even though I don’t agree with all his views. He’s the closest thing to a libertarian on my ballot (Indiana).

    WHEN is the public ever going to wake up and start voting their conscience instead of getting roped into the old “lesser of two evils” argument????

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