Durham Herald-Sun praises Libertarian Munger

In an editorial this morning, North Carolina’s Durham Herald-Sun writes, “One encouraging outcome of Tuesday’s election, one that might be easy to overlook, was Mike Munger’s showing in the race for governor. Munger, the Libertarian candidate who happens to chair the political science department at Duke University, collected 120,876 votes across the state, 2.86 percent of the total. That’s good news. We’re not Munger partisans, although we do think he offers some provocative and intriguing views. More important, his vote assures that the Libertarian party will be on the North Carolina ballot in the next election cycle without an expensive petition drive. There are dangers inherent in a multiparty system with too many players. Conversely, there are advantages to the internal coalition-building embodied in a two-party landscape. Still, North Carolina can benefit from more voices at election time, and Munger and the Libertarians will provide an important additional perspective.”

One thought on “Durham Herald-Sun praises Libertarian Munger

  1. JimDavidson

    The Herald-Sun seems to be of two minds about it, but it is nice of them to notice. And congratulations to all my friends in North Carolina on this success.

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