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Nevada LP passes resolution against LNC’s proposed Keaton suspension

Emailed by Debra Dedmon.

WHEREAS, the continued activities of the Libertarian National Committee regarding Angela Keaton, the proposed Resolution of Discipline calling for her suspension, and its blatant neglect of performing the proper and necessary duties of a major political party, are deemed to be self-destructive, humiliating, alienating, and detrimental to the Libertarian Party and its Members,

BE IT RESOLVED that the Libertarian Party of Nevada demands that the Libertarian National Committee drop its vendetta against Angela Keaton, keeping in mind that she was elected At-Large by the delegates of the 2008 Libertarian National Convention and is largely supported by those who elected her and by many other Party members, retract the proposed Resolution of Discipline, and turn its attention to proper and necessary Libertarian Party business such as membership growth, finances, campaigns, advancing public policy in a libertarian direction, and increasing awareness of Libertarianism.

Voted Aye:

Chair – Jim Duensing
Vice Chair – Debra Dedmon
Northern Regional Rep – Nik York
Central Regional Rep – Ray Duensing
Voting Member – Kris McKinster Update – Clark Co. voting member, not state.

Abstaining were Treasurer Joe Silvestri and Secretary Nathan Santucci.

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  1. LibertarianGirl LibertarianGirl December 5, 2008

    Sweet , no big surprise , I knew how my team would vote anyways . The 2 abstentions were only because those 2 didnt have enough info and are very cautious .

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