FEC releases Presidential vote totals

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After every presidential election, the Federal Election Commission calculates the popular vote for president. Here is the FEC’s tally for 2008. Thanks to Tony Roza for the link.

The FEC doesn’t show any write-ins for presidential candidates unless the state elections office tabulated those write-ins. That is why no write-ins are shown for anyone in Alabama, even though the Secretary of State put up the county write-in tallies on his web page. Since the Secretary of State’s office itself didn’t total up state totals, the FEC ignored the county write-in returns from Alabama.

Also, the FEC doesn’t list any presidential candidate who wasn’t on the ballot in at least one state.

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2 thoughts on “FEC releases Presidential vote totals

  1. inDglass

    It looks like more than 1.9 million Americans voted for someone other than McCain and Obama. It seems like a big deal, but that’s compared to 129 million voting for the NWO Republicrats. Less than 2% of the voters for President had the balls to not waste their votes on McBama.

  2. robert capozzi

    it’d be interesting to see how that correlates with 3rd party campaign spending. 92 and 96 had the Perot factor, so I wonder if the percentages moved with the money.

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