Libertarian Party blog: ‘Dim Bulb’ or silly goose?

Posted by Donny Ferguson at Reposted to IPR by Paulie.

If your carry-on bag is sitting on the bottom of the Hudson River right now, The Washington Examiner suggests New York senator Chuck Schumer may be partially to blame.

In its daily "Dim Bulb" feature, the Examiner takes Schumer to task for a 2004 earmark that may have gone unnoticed were it not for last week’s "water landing" of a U.S. Airways flight just minutes after taking off from LaGuardia airport and sucking geese into its engines.

It seems Schumer fought hard to make sure $200,000.00 of tax money was spent to create a sanctuary for large migratory birds, like Canadian geese, right next to the airport.

Since then, bird strikes at LaGuardia went from 31 in 2002 to 87 in 2007.

As penance for encouraging geese to roost next to an airport now famous for a near-fatal bird strike, the Examiner suggests Schumer treat the homeless to a goose dinner.

4 thoughts on “Libertarian Party blog: ‘Dim Bulb’ or silly goose?

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  2. Natalie Jarnmstedt

    Perhaps it would behoove everyone to stop and think where most airports have traditionally been built….along rivers, waterways, oceans, marshes, bird sanctuaries – and what should one therefore expect to find near those airport? BIRDS, of course.

    When canons or other deterrents are used to shoo/scare Canada geese away from runways, how would anyone know which way those flocks will fly? During take-off, especially, all birds and Canada geese, share the same airspace. However, if birds were really such a threat, we’d have daily crashes.

    To blame Schumer is ridiculous, even though he may have been instrumental in funding such a sanctuary for birds; what is more ridiculous is that no one at the time had any objections! Where were all these backseat experts then?

    And what about all other airports across the country and in the rest of the world that are located in locations with bird activity? Land was cheap, homes wouldn’t be built there – so let’s build airports!

    There are always three sides to a story, but we’ve been hearing only one – vilifying Canada geese and making them scapegoats for everything that may have gone wrong. The case has been made that no other reason could have possibly been the cause of the ditched flight into the Hudson River – why? Has not the same plane had engine troubles only two days before this fateful flight?

  3. Michael Seebeck

    Someone forgot to tell Donny-Boy that the holds of the plane were not compromised during the splashdown in a manner that caused luggage to fall out. There was definitely water damage, though, and for now the plane and its contents are impounded by the NTSB for the investigation. And there’s no guarantee that even if Schumer’s earmark hadn’t happened that the US Air flight still wouldn’t have eaten geese on takeoff. One does not necessarily follow from the other. Ferguson is just being silly and inane.

    As for the airports and birds…

    Shoot, they built Denver International Airport in a tornado alley next to a bald eagle reserve, all from a case of political payback to former Denver mayor and Clinton Transportation Secretary Frederico “Garbage Trucks” Pena. And that doesn’t mention the luggage system, the sinking runways, the no-backup train system, and originally the lack of clocks anywhere in the main terminal…

    IOW, politics interfering with practicality is nothing new. At least US Air made right on it by cutting a $5K check to each passenger (plus a ticket refund) in compensation for the lost luggage.

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