Libertarian Party urges ‘no’ vote on Eric Holder

Attorney General nominee hostile to Second Amendment rights

WASHINGTON, D.C. — America’s third-largest political party urged the Senate Wednesday to reject the nomination of Eric Holder to be Attorney General, citing his record of hostility to Second Amendment rights.

“The Attorney General is expected to defend our Constitutional rights, not infringe them,” said Libertarian Party spokesman Donny Ferguson, “Americans value the precious rights protected by the Second Amendment, and they demand the Senate reject this nomination.”

Nominated by President Barack Obama to lead the Justice Department, Holder earned the ire of gun rights groups while Deputy Attorney General under then-President Bill Clinton, from 1997 to 2000.

Holder supported mandatory licensing and registration of gun owners, banning certain types of legal ammunition, waiting periods for handgun purchases, restricting law-abiding gun owners to purchase only one gun a month and regulations intended to drive gun shows out of existence.

Holder was also a key figure in a 2000 attempt by the Clinton administration to sue several firearms manufacturers who did not agree to restrict certain lawful sales, despite the fact Congress earlier rejected such proposed rules.

The companies were told the government lawsuits would be dropped if they agreed to restrict certain sales to lawful purchasers and stop manufacturing certain types of legal firearms. Only one, Smith & Wesson, agreed.

Holder also sided against gun rights in the Supreme Court’s 2008 District of Columbia v. Heller case seeking to overturn Washington, D.C.’s gun control laws. In a brief, Holder argued the Second Amendment confers collective rights on the government and does not protect individual rights of Americans. The Court ruled otherwise, declaring gun ownership to be an individual right.

For more information on this issue, or to arrange an interview with the Libertarian Party, please call Director of Communications Donny Ferguson at (202) 333-0008, x. 225 or e-mail

The Libertarian Party is America’s third-largest political party, founded in 1971 as an alternative to the two main political parties. You can find more information on the Libertarian Party by visiting The Libertarian Party proudly stands for smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom.

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32 thoughts on “Libertarian Party urges ‘no’ vote on Eric Holder

  1. paulie cannoli Post author

    I don’t think so. What’s nutty about it?

    Noted practitioners of disarmament included the Nazis and the KKK, while groups known for practicing community empowerment through armed self-defense included the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and the Black Panthers in the US.

  2. Greg

    Once again, the LP shows why they’re the only party that actually follows the Constitution … imagine that.

  3. paulie cannoli Post author

    On this issue, the CP and several other parties would likely agree.

    Bob Barr defended Holder, though.

    I know a fair number of Greens also support Second Amendment rights.

  4. Ross Levin

    There’s been a pretty significant political controversy with prominent Republicans not wanting Holder confirmed. What I said doesn’t really have to do with the 2nd amendment. It’s that this press release is one of many that echoes sentiments felt in the Republican Party (ie, not wanting to confirm Holder).

  5. Eric Dondero

    Yes, David Nolan was State Chairman of the Colorado Young Republicans at the time of the Founding of the Libertarian Party in 1971.

    But hey, you wouldn’t know that if you were a Newbie to the Libertarian Party. Cause that little factoid has been completely whitewashed from the annals of LP History.

    As well as this little factoid:

    8 of 9 of the Libertarian Party’s Presidential candidates were Republicans. And in fact, 3 of them returned to the GOP after their stint in the LP, and a 4th is half-way there.

    Can you name the one single LP Prez candidate who was never a Republican? Hint: He wasn’t a Democrat either, just a political drop-out.

  6. Eric Dondero

    Oh, and here’s yet another interesting factoid.

    Over the years a full 11 state legislators have affiliated themselves with the Libertarian Party, or have been elected to a State Legislature as a Libertarian.

    Every single one of them, either caucused with the Republican Party while in the Legislature as a Libertarian, or used the GOP as a dual-party to win election.

    Only 1 did not. But later he too joined the GOP.

    Can you name that legislator??

  7. Trent Hill

    Gotta be Kenneth Fanning or Jim McClarin.

    Coincidentially, Eric, I’d love it if you could list all of the legislators for us, what state, what they were elected as (just Libertarian or Libertarian/Republican), and when.

  8. Trent Hill

    Eric catches alot of flak–but his point is certainly true. His point about both Presidential candidates and legislators is a good one.

  9. Trent Hill

    I ask, Eric, because I only know of nine.

    Dick Randolph, Ken Fanning, Andre Marrou, Calvin Warburton, Don Gorman, Andy Borsa, Finlay Rothhaus, Roger MacBride, and Neil Randall.

  10. Trent Hill

    Are the final two Paul Ingbretson, Eric Bettencourt, Tom Langlais, Dave Buhlman,or Steve Vaillancourt?

    I know all are little l “libertarians” but not sure if maybe they had the Libertarian ballot line.

  11. paulie cannoli Post author

    Eric catches alot of flak–but his point is certainly true. His point about both Presidential candidates and legislators is a good one.

    Yes. I just think it’s the biggest problem the LP has. It has to cut the umbilical cord to become more than what it is.

  12. paulie cannoli Post author

    On this issue, the CP and several other parties would likely agree.

    Bob Barr defended Holder, though.

    I know a fair number of Greens also support Second Amendment rights.

    I should have also mentioned that a lot of the rank and file of the Democratic and Republican parties support the Second Amendment a lot more than their party leaderships, too.

    A lot of the blue collar rural and small town folks – the ones that Obama made fun of the campaign trail, for example. But also people in the hood…I’m not talking about the criminal gang banging trouble makers like what I was growing up, I mean the solid hard working citizens trying to make an honest living for their family there, who know what kind of pathetic response times the police have in their high crime areas, and the only real protection they can rely on from crime is a pistol or shotgun in the home.

    Or how about women who rely on a pistol in their purse for protection from rapists, or gay guys who need one to fend off gay bashers? It beats making a statement to the police after already being victimized.

    Not everyone can be so fortunate as those well-off people who live in low crime areas, have private security, and police at their door in five minutes if they call 911.

  13. Eric Dondero

    Shit Trent, I only have a few minutes, but here it goes:

    Yes, the ones you mentioned above. Add on:

    Rep. Steve Vallaincourt, NH (still in office)

    Rep. Steven Dresch, MI (deceased, from UP, joined LP last two months of his term in 1994?)

    One or two current in Montana.

    One – supposedly in New Hampshire – Carol McGuire, LP/GOP.

    David Woods, Wisconsin Rep. (officially an Independent, but on his website boasts LP membership)

  14. Eric Dondero

    Trent, Villaincourt is ABSOLUTELY A LIBERTARIAN. Had him on my show last year. He admitted as much. He was elected STRICTLY AS A LIBERTARIAN in 1998.

    But he’s an extremely controversial figure, very extremist in his views. So, the National Libertarian Party does not claim him.

    There’s even an Anarchist guy in the New Hampshire Legislature, who’se also an LP member. But the guy is totally nuts, and no political party wants anything to do with him.

  15. Eric Dondero

    Trent WINS THE PRIZE!!!

    He is correct. Harry Browne was the ONLY Libertarian Party Presidential candidate never to have any sort of affiliation with the Republican Party.

    Hospers, MacBride, and Paul all returned to the GOP, after their LP stint. Barr is rumored to be half-way returning to the GOP. Also, Marrou has been seen as some Republican functions.

  16. Eric Dondero

    Oh shit! I forgot, Trent, there’s another guy – Jim McClarin, in New Hampshire. He was officially elected to the State Legislature in 1996 as a Libertarian, but resigned two weeks into office, for some unknown personal reasons.

    Wierd: I ran into McClarin at a grocery store in Nashua, while petitioning for Barr over the summer. He looked good. Very pleasant. But didn’t want to talk about his two-week stint as a State Legislator.

  17. Blake Huber

    Nice… good company to be in.. Warsaw Jews and Black Panthers.. seriously.. these people understand just why gun ownership is so important for ‘law abiding’ individuals.

    Protection is key.. protection from anyone that would make you their slave whether it is your neighbors, through government action, or a dishonest person.

    My hat is off to Paulie for the comparison!!!

  18. John Famularo

    paulie cannoli said:

    “Yes. I just think it’s the biggest problem the LP has. It has to cut the umbilical cord to become more than what it is.”

    Yes, but cut from what to what? That is why I insist that in order for me to participate, I want to know what is the actual mission of the LP.

    The LP will not face this directly and finally. It first came up in 1974 at the Dallas convention and the LP punted with the so called “Dallas Accord”. It came up again in 1992 when the CLM (Committee for a Libertarian Majority) met in Atlanta and proposed the current mission statement which was adopted by the then LNC but never acted upon. Another punt by omission.
    Acting on a mission statement consists of developing a strategy to achieve the mission as stated and then follow up by developing tactics to implement the strategy. It is called strategic planning. This was the reason I ran for LNC office, and as a national officer from 1993 to 1996 I pushed for strategic planning. The LNC never would agree to real strategic planning, but Steve Dasbach the then LNC Chairman paid lip service to strategic planning by holding “brainstorming” sessions off the business sessions and labeling them as strategic planning.
    Another punt.
    When so called “strategic planning sessions” were held in 2000-2001 they were just more elaborate brainstorming sessions because they refused to address and clarify the ambiguous mission statement. Since then we are back to the original miss-mash that was blocking progress in 1974.

  19. Robert Capozzi

    john, thinking out loud, I’m not sure a “political party” should even HAVE a strategic plan. the idea SOUNDS good, but politics is not a business. to me, it’s more of a fluid thing, with party members and leaders perennially suggesting changes of direction.

    concensus arises. shifts are made.

    given past efforts, crafting a strategic plan may just be a platform for cat-herding behavior.

  20. paulie

    paulie cannoli said:

    “Yes. I just think it’s the biggest problem the LP has. It has to cut the umbilical cord to become more than what it is.”

    Yes, but cut from what to what?

    See context above my quoted statement.

  21. paulie

    In my experience, such as it is, political party committees engaging in attempts at strategic planning normally ends up being a giant waste of time, coming up with elaborate strategic plans that fall by the wayside.

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