Campaign update: Eric Sundwall, Libertarian for Congress (NY-20)

Radio appearance: 590 AM – WROW, Feb. 5, Afternoon Drive with Sherman Baldwin.

Feb. 6, Break the Matrix with with Kurt Wallace on Wake up America! – see, and American Politics with John Wallace on Blog Talk Radio.

Letter to the Post Star Editorial Board:

Dear Post Star Editorial Board,

In your haste to see a speedy play of this special election, please consider another side of democracy.

While it is certain that the two parties rule the fate of the citizenry at any given moment depending on their own stars,it is also certain that this country is in a mess. It is highly unlikely that a quick coronation of a former basketball coach turned career political boss will have any more effect on the Congress than he does as the minority leader of the NY Assembly. It is also unlikely that a freshman Democrat will have any real sway despite any amazing talents he may possess as a successful venture capitalist.

We must rethink everything, including our conceptions of the democratic process. For the average person to run for Congress, they would need to submit 3500 valid voter signatures just to qualify to be on the ballot. I have attempted this in the past and have failed. Despite submitting over 5000 signatures in 2006, operatives of the former Congressman in the 20th still managed to convince the NYS Board of Elections to toss the people’s will and consent. We took our case to Federal Court and were denied relief from Judge Kahn. All this to simply have a multiple choice on election day. We had six weeks to collect an independent nominating petition in equally hostile summer weather. We only have 12 days this time once Governor Paterson gives us his decree.

Two weeks ago I did not expect to be running for Congress. I am the chairman of a small insignificant party to most. I coordinated the entire effort in New York to get our Presidential candidate on the ballot and we doubled our totals from the last cycle. As a candidate previously, I still have much of the infrastructure to run a campaign. A website, a professionally produced commercial and potentially the support of the country’s entire liberty movement. I have a credible plan to achieve ballot access with the help of an organization called Free & Equal. In addition, many of our party faithful and a groundswell of individual volunteers have come forward.

Is a standard campaign cycle too long and rife with partisan sniping ? Yes, absolutely. In this case though, it might be alright to give the average person some time and perhaps even consider the weather that could produce a better turnout in what have been historically low turnout elections. Who knows, there may even be a hundred Davids out there attempting to challenge this Goliath. I would certainly welcome their input and dialogue. These types of elections are rare enough, what’s the rush ?


Eric Sundwall
Chairman, Libertarian Party of NY

What better time to win a Congressional seat? by Jim Ostrowski:

The Republicans have nominated a career politician who doesn’t live in the district. The Democrats have nominated a complete unknown from Missouri.

Both parties are bankrupt of ideas. Their idea banks have already been spent on just those policies that have us in the mess we are in right now.

So tell me why Eric Sundwall can’t be the first Libertarian Congressman again?

Think of a special election as like a caucus. Ron Paul did three times better in caucuses than primaries! That’s because his supporters were more dedicated. Same with Obama. He’s president now because of the caucuses! His people got out to vote.

I’m one of those who believes that libertarians suffer from lack of a positive attitude. We have the best damn political product but lack confidence that we can sell it. People pick up on that and defeat becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

The libertarian movement needs to get together on this one. A united effort can succeed. Postpone whatever political projects you are working on for two months and join this exciting campaign! Now!

Campaign archives for this race at Ostrowski’s blog,

New York Now interview appears on the main page of I have not found a way to embed it or post a direct link, so catch it while you can.

Campaign commercial: A shot in the dark

Campaign pre-announcement

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7 thoughts on “Campaign update: Eric Sundwall, Libertarian for Congress (NY-20)

  1. Danny S

    I forgot one thing: Could Eric theoretically gain the endorsement and go fusion with one of the minor parties in New York?

  2. Robert Capozzi

    Yes, I believe he can be endorsed by any other party in NY. I suspect none would be inclined to do so. Outside chance the Independence Party might. The NY Conservative Party is VERY hostile to Ls, based on the machinations surrounding the Weld for Governor episode.

    I can’t imagine the Right to Life, Liberal or Working Families parties doing so.

  3. Jake Witmer

    Good luck! I hope you can squeeze out the petitioning inside the 12 day time limit. …Ouch!

    Usually the more chance a candidate has, the worse the ballot access restrictions. If that’s any clue, Eric has a real chance!

  4. Green Ferret

    If you have no practical experience with fusion, you might think that parties like Independence, Conservative, and Working Families endorse candidates based on shared goals and ideologies. They do not. They endorse based on who’s writing the checks.
    Parties like the Libertarians and Greens, who are not in politics to be handmaidens of the corporate parties, rarely pick up endorsements from other parties.

  5. Trent Hill

    Green Ferret,

    Sometimes I’m sure it IS based on who writes the checks. But a simply look at the fact that Bloomberg and Giuliani couldnt get the Conservative Party’s endorsement says alot. The Right-to-Life Party pretty much killed themselves becasue they wouldnt endorse the pro-choice republicans in NY.

  6. Steve Ruzbacki

    I would like to urge Eric to consider making the thoroughly dysfunctional and unconstitutional family court system an issue in this race. So many men, women and children have been tyrannized by the family courts in this district, that I think it would propel his campaign like no other. And to emphasize that party control of all three branches of government leaves no checks and balances and gives us tyranny instead in all three branches.

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