Former Congressman and current Green running for supervisor position

Posted at the Green Change Network, this is a story from the Ukiah Daily Journal.  Ukiah is located in Northern California.  It is the county seat and the largest city of the county it’s located in, with a population of over 15,000.  The article:

Former 1st Congressional District representative Dan Hamburg has officially announced his intentions to seek the 5th District supervisor seat currently held by David Colfax.

“It’s no secret,” he said of his announcement on Saturday. “I’m doing this because I think I’d be a good supervisor. I wouldn’t be running against David, I would be running for the job.”

Hamburg said Colfax was the second person he told about his decision after his wife.

“I’m sure he’d prefer that I didn’t run, but I wanted to announce this as a courtesy to him,” he said. “I have a great amount of respect for David…(He is) going to make a decision about whether or not he wants to run between now and the filing deadline…I think he’s done many good things as supervisor. I think I would do a better job for the district, and I’m ready to take it on.”

Hamburg was elected to the House as a Democrat in 1992, beating incumbent Frank Riggs. Riggs defeated Hamburg in a rematch two years later. Hamburg then ran for governor as a member of the Green Party in 1998, garnering 1.3 percent of the vote.

Hamburg previously served on the Board of Supervisors from 1981 to 1985.

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