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Posted at Green Party Watch by Ronald Hardy. Reposted to IPR by Paulie.

The US Green Party’s National Committee voted to suspend print publication of its national newspaper “Green Pages”, with the exception of a single issue. Green Pages will continue to be published online, including downloadable versions for local chapters and state parties to use with outreach. Part of this plan involves improving and expanding the online presence of Green Pages.

In other internal Green Party news, the 2009 Annual National Meeting of the national Green Party is being proposed to be held in Durham, North Carolina June 17-21, hosted by the North Carolina Green Party and the local Triangle Green Party. Voting on this location will end March 1. The 2008 Annual Meeting was in Chicago, 2007 was in Reading, PA, 2006 was in Tuscon, AZ, 2005 was in Tulsa, OK, 2004 was in Milwaukee, WI.

Also nominations are being taken for candidates for the Green Senate Coordinating Committee (GSCC) and Green House Coordinating Committee (GHCC). Up to seven members will be elected to the GSCC, up to 9 to the GHCC, serving two year terms. You don’t have to be a Delegate to the National Committee to be nominated, but must be nominated by a Delegate to the National Committee. Elections to the two committees will begin March 9 and end March 15, using Single Transferable Voting.

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  1. Trent Hill

    hahaha. “Green House Coordinating Committee”

    Green House, Greenhouse. I tell ya, it’s Oscar Wilde-like wordplay!

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