Libertarian Party blog: ‘Facts about the so-called stimulus’

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Washington Examiner editorial page editor Mark Tapscott, with the help of the Heritage Foundation, takes his pen to Obama’s $1.2 trillion government spending plan, citing some of the better reasons to oppose it.

Tapscott also covers something that annoys me when anti-capitalists talk about their "green" jobs.  They’re not new jobs.  They’re just unstable replacements for already-existing, good-paying jobs.

You can read Tapscott’s very succinct and dead-on anaylsis at his online Copy Desk.  I suggest you bookmark the Examiner as the government expansion plan lumbers its way through the Senate.

A better idea would be to provide much-needed tax relief to employers and to reduce government spending.  America’s job creators pay the second-highest taxes in the world, and we wonder why we’re struggling to grow the economy.


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  1. Coming on the back of the LP

    Heritage Foundation and

    Are the top news sources now?


    Why not just rename it “GOP, Jr.” instead of continuing to disgrace a name that once had some good potential?



    The newspaper was formerly distributed only in the suburbs of Washington, under the titles of Montgomery Journal, Prince George’s Journal, and Northern Virginia Journal. Their parent company, Journal Newspapers Inc., was purchased by Philip F. Anschutz’s Clarity Media Group in October 2004. On February 1, 2005, the paper’s name changed to the Washington Examiner, and it adopted a logo and format similar to that of another newspaper owned by Anschutz, the San Francisco Examiner.

    [edit]Political slant
    The Examiner’s editorial page is heavily conservative; it is headed by Mark Tapscott, with American Spectator senior editor Quin Hillyer serving as its associate editor. The paper’s national political coverage, which also appears in Examiner papers in Baltimore and San Francisco, was previously headed by Bill Sammon, a former Washington Times reporter who has written several books praising George W. Bush. (Sammon is now the deputy managing editor for Fox News Channel’s Washington bureau.[1]) Chris Stirewalt, who has been described as “a true conservative voice”[2], is the Examiner’s political editor. Mary Katherine Ham, former managing editor of the conservative, is the Examiner’s online editor.[3] Matthew Sheffield, executive editor of the Media Research Center blog NewsBusters, is in charge of the Examiner’s website.[4]

    [edit]Contact Details


  2. Coming on the back of the LP

    Philip F. Anschutz

    Republican donations, conservative causes
    “Anschutz is an active Republican donor,” Annys Shin wrote November 21, 2004, in the Washington Post. “Since 1996, he, his companies and members of his family have given more than $500,000 in campaign contributions to GOP candidates and committees.”[6]

    “In 1987, Anschutz’s family foundation gave Focus on the Family founder James Dobson an award for his ‘contributions to the American Family.”[7]

  3. Coming on the back of the LP

    Mark Tapscott is editorial page editor of the Washington Examiner and member of Clarity Media Group’s National Editorial Board. He is also a blogger, as well as and founder and chief instructor of The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Media and Public Policy, a Computer-Assisted Research and Reporting (CARR) training program for journalists.

    Tapscott began his journalism career as a national staff reporter at the Washington Times in 1985. He rose through the ranks to become business editor, national editor and assistant managing editor. Subsequently he was managing editor at The Journal Newspapers in Washington, D.C. In 1999 he joined the Heritage Foundation. [1]

  4. Coming on the back of the LP

    The Heritage Foundation has been home to some of the nation’s most influential neo-conservative voices, especially in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The Foundation has since lost some of its luster, as some of its leading voices have graduated to other influential government and non-government careers. Still, the Foundation remains a conservative voice in Washington and around the world.

    Meanwhile, there was also a connection between Heritage and the Rev Sun Myung Moon (founder of the Moonies). This first appeared in a 1975 congressional investigation on the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA) activities in the US.

    The report noted, “In 1975, Ed Feulner … was introduced to KCIA station chief Kim Yung Hwan by Neil Salonen and Dan Feffernan of the Freedom Leadership foundation”.

    Salonen was head of Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church in the United States. The Freedom Leadership Foundation (FLF), a political arm of Moon’s Unification network, was linked to the World Anti- Communist League.

    In the early 1980s, the KCIA began making donations to Heritage Foundation. In turn, Heritage established an Asian Studies Center.

  5. Coming on the back of the LP

    The American Spectator is a conservative political magazine founded by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. It is most famous for its attacks on the Clinton administration in the 1990s, including the Richard Mellon Scaife-funded Arkansas Project. It is operated by the nonprofit American Spectator Foundation, Inc. [1]

    From The Power of Nightmares: … neo-conservative magazine … set up what was called the Arkansas Project to vilify then President Bill Clinton. The principal character at the center of this project was David Brock, who subsequently recanted his allegations, and refers to the project now as “political terrorism”.

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