Libertarian Party blog: ‘Republicans now trying to sound like Libertarians’

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Syndicated columnist Paul Mulshine of the Newark Star-Ledger expresses his surprise today over reports the Republican Party has discovered fiscal conservatism again.

As Mulshine points out, the Libertarian Party and its 2008 presidential nominee, former congressman Bob Barr, opposed taxpayer-funded bailouts and explosive government growth back when the GOP was espousing it as bedrock principle.

More than a little miffed about Republicans suddenly painting themselves as fiscally responsible, Mulshine decided to give Congressman Barr’s office a call:

"When I got him on the phone yesterday, Barr pointed out that while McCain and Obama both supported last year’s bailout bill, "I was consistently and very strongly against it."

‘Apparently according to the article Limbaugh has done, it was a ‘wacko’ position to have been against that sort of massive spending and involvement in businesses by government,’ Barr said.

That sort of thing used to be considered mainstream conservatism until Bush came along, Barr noted. As for the Obama stimulus package, Barr noted that Limbaugh is not alone among the Republican Party faithful in debating how the money should be spent rather than whether it should be spent at all. Newt Gingrich also pushed that position in a recent interview.

‘He didn’t really criticize the spending,’ Barr said of his fellow former congressman from Georgia. ‘He just said if we were going to have it, then these are the questions that we need to ask. He didn’t say it’s ridiculous to even talk about the government trying to spend itself out of a recession.’"

You can read Paul Mulshine’s column at the Star-Ledger website.

8 thoughts on “Libertarian Party blog: ‘Republicans now trying to sound like Libertarians’

  1. Steven R Linnabary

    I think this is from McCain’s PAC site.

    Of course republicans WANT to sound like Libertarians. But, thankfully, they aren’t very good at sounding like Libertarians, as they haven’t much practice.

    Now that democrats have stolen the republicans “big-government” thunder, we can expect to hear a lot more “libertarian” sounding rhetoric in the future. Afterall, freedom sells itself.

    But don’t expect any meaningful changes. You will just be let down.


  2. Coming on the back of the LP

    Libertarian Party blog: ‘Libertarians now trying to sound like Republicans’

  3. Melty

    Libertarians have trouble sounding like libertarians. They go around talking in the catchphrases of the ruling parties, much to their detriment, due to a shortage of distinctive rhetoric of their own.

  4. libertariangirl

    I don’t agree . Libertarians sound just like libertarians . in fact id say we need more sound bites and less rhetoric to get our message in the media.
    our explanations are generally way too long and that dont work for t.v or with attention deficit voters:)

  5. Melty

    I’m saying the exact same thing you are, libertarian girl. Most libertarians often use big gov’t catchphrases unwittingly, defeating all else they say. Those buzzwords must be completely rejected for effective discourse. Creative coinage of snazzy small-gov’t catchphrases is sorely needed.

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