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If you have any news about the elections tonight or the results, this is the place to post them.  Hopefully I will be able to liveblog some of it tonight.  If anyone knows where to get election results, that will also be appreciated.

To start off, here’s a recent article about Matt Reichel:

Back at his office after a long morning of greeting voters and putting up campaign signs, Reichel seemed less sanguine than he had at the start of the day.

“We could pull off a historic upset, and we hope that happens,” he said, seated beneath a wall covered with campaign signs. “But if it doesn’t happen, the real realistic goal is to beat the Republicans.”

When asked what lessons he’d take away from his first campaign for public office, Reichel exhaled as he sat forward in his folding chair. “It’s harder than it looks.”

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  1. Thomas L. Knapp

    I worked a polling place this morning for an incumbent alderperson in my small city. She was running unopposed after her opponent dropped out, but since her opponent’s name was still on the ballot she wanted to show the flag.

    Low, low turnout. Apparently the enthusiasm for voting engendered by the Obama campaign had a short shelf life.

    In November, I arrived half an hour before the polls opened and waited more than two hours to vote. This morning, I arrived fifteen minutes after the polls opened and finished voting about three minutes after I arrived.

  2. paulie

    If anyone knows where to get election results, that will also be appreciated.

    Illinois and Wisconsin SOS pages might have something.

    Also, try a google news search for names of specific candidates.

  3. paulie


    “With two-thirds of the Chicago and suburban Cook vote in, Quigley lead with 70 percent of the vote. He had 19,070 votes, compared to 6,027 for Republican Rosanna Pulido and 1,858 for Green Party candidate Matt Reichel.”

  4. Ross Levin Post author

    Results from the city of Chicago (the special election), but not the suburbs (most of the district is in the city):


    Matt Reichel has 7.3% (not bad for a Green in a three way race but not as good as he hoped) compared to about 20% for the Republican and about 73% for the Democrat.

    Brenda Konkel, a Green alderperson in Madison, Wisconsin, might be in trouble but the results sound very close:


  5. paulie

    @ GPW


    “Matt Reichel has between 7% and 9% of the vote in his campaign for Illinois’ 5th congressional district. The Associated Press is reporting that Reichel has won 7 percent of the vote, while the campaign office reported that the result was closer to 9%. The official tally has not been posted yet.

    The Medill Report carried a nice review of Reichel’s efforts, and the election has brought in a flurry of news reports.”


    “As of this writing, Daniel J. Kairis has the highest percentage of the vote, with 8.19% in a three way race for township supervisor.”


  6. Mike Indiana

    unofficial election results Racine, Wisc.
    Mayor Election
    Pete Karas (G) – appears to have finished 6th with 851 votes for 8.52%
    9,991 votes were cast overall

    Democrat John T. Dickert won with 23.09%

  7. Mike Indiana

    Elgin Township
    with all the precincts reporting
    Daniel J. Kairis (Green) 3rd of 3
    631 8.19%
    FOR TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE (four seats elected)
    Dan Todd (Green) 10th
    716 2.32%
    Julie Schmitt (Green) 9th
    917 2.97%
    Bradley Kairis (Green) 11th
    588 1.91%

  8. Mike Indiana

    In Oshkosh Wisc.
    Common Council, At-Large
    6 candidates running for 3 seats

    (G) Tony Palmeri 1st 6,633 votes 23.59%
    (G) Bob Poeschl 3rd 4,717 votes 16.78%

    Both of the Greens running in the race were elected. Palmeri was re-elected, and Poeschl was elected for the first time.

  9. Ron

    In Pete Karas’ race, the top two candidates move on to the general election. Both are Democrats I think.

  10. Ross Levin Post author

    Thanks, Ron and Paulie. That’s a shame about Pete Karas and Brenda Konkel. Great news in Oshkosh, though.

    I wonder how the local elections are going in Illinois.

    And I think all of the Greens lost in Missouri, but one running for city council against just an incumbent Democrat got 37% of the vote.

  11. Nexus

    “Apparently the enthusiasm for voting engendered by the Obama campaign had a short shelf life.”

    Obama was only interested in generating enthusiasm for voting for him.

  12. IL

    Election results for Urbana, Illinois:

    City of Urbana Mayor Four Year Term
    Laurel Lunt Prussing (D / Inc.) 2,637 53%

    Rex Bradfield (R) 1,577 32%

    Durl Kruse (G) 423 9%

    Rob McColley (Ind) 302 6%

    Urbana City Alderman Ward 2 Four Year Term
    David Gehrig (D / Inc.) 111 60%

    Mark Mallon (G) 73 40%

    Urbana City Alderman Ward 3 Four Year Term
    Robert Lewis (D) 184 83%

    Timothy Couture (Ind) 39 17%

    Urbana City Alderman Ward 7 Four Year Term
    Diane Marlin (D) 806 61%

    Edgar Wayne Johnson (Ind) 296 22%

    Gary Storm (G) 220 17%

  13. Ross Levin Post author

    In Cook County, a suburb of Chicago, one Green was elected in a non-partisan race out of maybe 6 or 7 Greens who ran in the county in various non-partisans races. It was Bruce Samuels, and he came in first out of five candidates running for the Oak Park Village Library Board. http://www.voterinfonet.com/results/040709/Summary%20Report3.pdf

    Jon Murry was re-elected to Mount Morris Village Trustee, Ogle County, IL. He finished second of three candidates for three seats with 485 votes or 34.04%.


    h/t to Brent McMillan

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