Campaigns enter their final twenty four hours

Various local elections and a special congressional election are all being held tomorrow, April 7.  There are a few Green Party candidates and one member of the Greens/Green Party USA running for office.  Low turnout is expected in each election, and the results should be interesting.

Matt Reichel

In Illinois’ fifth congressional district, a special election is being held to fill the vacancy left by Rahm Emanuel when he went to work at the White House.  The candidates are Democratic Mike Quigley, Republican Rosanna Pulido, and Green Matt Reichel.  Quigley is heavily favored, but that isn’t stopping the Reichel campaign from having a last-minute push and a victory party:

Dear Supporters,

We’d just like to remind you of the election night party at Redmond’s, in Wrigleyville–3358 N Sheffield–at 7:30 pm.  Drop by to talk with Matt and the campaign staff, mingle with other Greens, and have a few drinks!

Dear Supporters,

We are coming down to the wire, and we need your help.  If you haven’t called into the campaign at 773-961-8257 and volunteered, now is the time!

We need volunteers to pass out literature at major transit stations, watch the polls, and help us with visibility–if you can help before or after work or school, even an hour or two helps!

Pete Karas

Pete Karas is running for mayor in Racine, Wisconsin, and has many people around there asking whether this city of 80,000 could “go green.” This is just a primary for Karas, so hopefully it won’t be his campaign’s final twenty four hours, just the last day of the primary campaign.  The Capital Times of Madison had some nice things to say about Karas:

Former Racine Alder Pete Karas, one of the most active members of the Wisconsin Green Party, is a serious contender in the special election to select the next mayor of Racine.

Karas, who has received strong backing from the Greens in Wisconsin and nationally, has mounted a muscular campaign, raising a competitive amount of money — roughly $12,000 in a contest where the most well-funded candidate has less than $15,000 — and attracting plenty of volunteers.

Karas has, as well, defined the debate with his focus on creating “green jobs,” expanding transportation options and creating a municipal power utility.

Brenda Konkel

Brenda Konkel has been on the Madison, Wisconsin city council for four terms and is up against a tough challenger.  Konkel constantly updates her blog, and with her being a controversial figure in city politics it will be interesting to see if she wins back her seat tomorrow.

Tony Palmeri and Bob Poeschl

Green Party Watch offers a very good look at these two Green Party members who are facing off against each other for a seat on the Oshkosh, Wisconsin city council.  Palmeri is an incumbent, and a local newspaper thinks very highly of both the work he has done since he was elected two years ago and the campaigning of his Green opponent:

Like King, Palmeri has been a change agent at City Hall. With captivating rhetorical skills, he has not shied from asking probing questions or demanding greater openness and public access to government. He has not fallen into the trap of opposition without alternatives. He was only one of two council members last fall to offer detailed amendments on the city’s budget and capital improvements plan long enough before the meeting to be included on the agenda. That allowed for research, discussion and reasoned debate…

Bob Poeschl is as genuine a candidate as you can find running for public office these days. He’s genuine about neighborhood involvement, genuine about affordable housing and sustainable development. He has not only talked about these issues, he has volunteered his time on the city’s Energy & Environment Committee to help make them a reality. Poeschl understands that preserving and enhancing the quality of life in Oshkosh is essential to keeping the community moving forward.

Elston McCowan

In St. Louis, Missouri, local elections are also being held.  Elston McCowan is a Greens/Green Party USA candidate for that spot.  In a local NPR piece, he said:

Maxine Johnson
Maxine Johnson is running for city council in St. Louis, as a member of the Green Party, although it is unclear whether that is the national Green Party or the separate Greens/Green Party USA.  The St. Louis Post-Dispatch apparently believes that Johnson has a shot at winning, even though no other Green has ever won in St. Louis:

While the Green Party has never won an election in St. Louis, Bosley may have reason to fear Johnson. She has some name recognition stemming from a high-profile eminent domain dispute, which could generate more suspense than Bosley would like in a low-turnout election.

If I have left anyone out or gotten any facts wrong, please let me know.  These are races that I’m not very familiar with, so I would appreciate it.

16 thoughts on “Campaigns enter their final twenty four hours

  1. Gregg Jocoy


    Great job. I wouldn’t change a thing. I hope to be in touch with some of these candidates on election night, so hopefully I’ll be able to post a bit then.

  2. Robert Milnes

    Ross Levin, well, thank you for asking. Shouldn’t the question be “Robert, have any of the candidates contacted you?” Because I’m out there. On the web. I’m available, open. Now on the other hand, when I contacted Gravel’s spokesperson Skyler saying a Gravel/Ruwart ticket could be promoted as a fusion ticket & I’d be willing to support it including withdrawal & would hope for a position as special advisor, he was very patronizing. & Later after many emails Mary wrote me saying my email to her would be blocked. I do not need that sort of crap. But…Karen Kwiatkowski has always been polite. Declines my proposals, but -despite being a Ronulan- quite polite.

  3. stir the pot

    Because I’m out there.

    Well, that says it all!

    Tell me, how is your “reconciliation” with Deborah coming?

  4. Ross Levin Post author

    I’ve talked to Skyler and he seems pretty nice, maybe just busy at the time – I mean, you can’t expect campaigns to meet your demands when they don’t even know who you are.

  5. Robert Milnes

    Also recently I exchanged comments with Sundwall’s campaign manager. I considered going up to the 20th on my own initiative & leafleting with progressive alliance strategy literature. But I’ve gotten little support. & then making it moot, Sundwall didn’t make the ballot. -After what looked to me like a botch-up by somebody. Telling people they do not need ballot access help then not making it. WTF?

  6. Robert Milnes

    stir it, I said I am considering contacting her. That’s still it. Last I heard she is divorced with 2 kids, one of whom I do not think would pass a paternity test.

  7. Robert Milnes

    Ross, Skyler exhibited signs of being in charge of a big shot’s campaign. Little realizing that of the 17 or so all but one would get equalized i.e. lose.

  8. Robert Milnes

    Leymann, I’ve heard that. I’d rather not. I’ve written a lot of letters to Governor Corzine asking his help to get what is left of my house and car(66 TBird) back. I don’t think it would be cordial to assume a directly adversarial position!

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