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Election day for the Green Party!

Today, Tuesday, April 7th, 2009, is election day for some Green Party candidates around the country.

In Illinois, there will be 20 Green Party candidates on the ballot.

In Wisconsin, there will be 8 Green Party candidates on the ballot.

For more information and updates, please go to Green Party Watch.


  1. paulie paulie April 7, 2009

    Candidate lists:

    In Wisconsin April 7 is Election Day for local elections. Spring Elections in Wisconsin are non-partisan.

    One race deserves special mention – Pete Karas is running for Mayor of Racine in a special election to fill the position vacated when the former mayor resigned amid charges of child enticement and child pornography. There are 11 candidates on the ballot in this special election primary, and the top two vote getters will square off on May 5 in a general election.This race is anyone’s guess, there is no front runner, there is no polling data.

    Wisconsin Candidates on the ballot April 7:

    * Pete Karas, Mayor of Racine (Special Election Primary)
    * Brenda Konkel, Madison Common Council
    * Marsha Rummel, Madison Common Council
    * Satya Rhodes-Conway, Madison Common Council
    * Tony Palmeri, Oshkosh Common Council
    * Bob Poeschl, Oshkosh Common Council
    * Bruce Hinkforth, Oconomowoc Common Council
    * JoEllen Gramling, Town Cleck, Schleswig

    April 7 is Election Day in Illinois for local elections.20 Green Party candidates are on the ballot in 21 races across the state from Mayor to Library Board, from a special election to Congress to Township Trustee.

    One race deserves special mention – the special election to fill Rahm Emanuel’s seat in Congress that features Matt Reichel running with the Green Party banner.

    Below is a list of the 20 Green Party candidates that will be on the ballot in Illinois on April 7:

    * Matt Reichel, US House of Representatives, Dist. 5
    * Durl Kruse, Mayor, Urbana, IL (Champaign)
    * Gary Storm, Alderman, Urbana, IL (Champagn)
    * Mark Mallon, Alderman, Urbana, IL (Champaign)
    * Bradley Kairas, Township Trustee, Elgin, IL (Kane)
    * Dan Todd, Township Trustee, Elgin, IL (Kane)
    * Dan Kairas, Township Supervisor, Elgin, IL (Kane)
    * Julie Schmitt, Township Trustee, Elgin, IL (Kane)
    * Mike Drennan, City Council, Evanston, IL (Cook)
    * Dave Simone, Village Board, Northbrook, IL (Cook)
    * Bruce Samuels, Library Board, Oak Park, IL (Cook)
    * Julie Samuels, Village Trustee, Oak Park, IL (Cook)
    * Val Densmore, Township Clerk, Rich Township (Cook)
    * Paul Jasinevecius, School Board, Rich Township HS District (Cook)
    * Paul Jasinevecius, Highway District, Rich Township (Cook)
    * Steve Alesch, Township Trustee, Winfield, IL (Dupage)
    * Frank Wedig, Township Trustee, Dorr, IL (McHenry)
    * Jesus Correa VII, Mayor, Rockford, IL (Winnebago)
    * Joshua Rodgers, Mayor, Robinson, IL (Crawford)
    * Paula Bradshaw, Township Trustee, Carbondale, IL (Jackson)
    * Jon Murray, Village Trustee, Mt. Morris, IL (Ogle)

  2. Gregg Jocoy Gregg Jocoy April 7, 2009

    Despite an earlier email message to me explaining that votes cast for write-in candidates would elect the recipient, Steering Committee member Phil Huckleberry, the proposal’s floor manager responsible for the previous two votes failing for lack of a quorum, has ruled that three of the four write-in vote getters will not be seated.

    The by-laws of the Green House Campaign Committee say:

    Nine additional members, nominated by members of the Green National Committee (GNC) of GPUS, and elected by the GNC, using the standard rules for proportional elections set by the GNC.

    Thus far I can find nothing that says what “standard rules” are, but I have written Huckleberry to ask for clarification.

    I feel compelled to point out that this decision by Huckleberry, if not changed, would leave 4 members serving on a nine person committee. The bylaws would seem to say that this makes a quorum of that committee impossible until at least one more member is elected by the GNC.

  3. Kimberly Wilder Kimberly Wilder Post author | April 7, 2009

    Sorry, folks. That is all I have time for. Have to go to work today in the next county over!

    Would love it if someone could do the longer story.

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