Green Party (GP-US) National Committe vote update

This story is based on a report at Green Party Watch.

The Green Party of the United State National Committee, which includes representatives from the affiliated states and caucuses, recently finished a round of voting which passed some important resolutions.

Resolution 382, which restates the GPUS opposition to the death penalty in light of recent support for the death penalty by the Mexican Green Party was passed with a vote of 80 in favor, 35 opposed and 17 abstentions

Resolution 383, which would allow annual meeting delegates not at the meeting in person to vote on party leadership via the Internet failed with a vote of 56 in favor, 48 opposed and 14 abstentions. While a majority of GNC members voting yes or no supported the proposal, the rules required a 2/3 super majority to pass. [This vote will tend to mean that the GP-US must hold a face-to-face meeting this summer, in order to elect new officers.]

Proposal 385 was a re-vote on the election of members of the Green Senatorial Campaign Committee. With seven seats and seven candidates, all were elected. The re-vote was required because an earlier vote didn’t meet the quorum requirement. The candidates elected were:  Ron Hardy, Josh Krekeler, Deb McFarland, Gloria Mattera, Chris Lugo and Anita Wessling.

Similarly, Proposal 384 was a re-vote on the election of the Green House Campaign Committee. One difference however is that there were but three candidates on the ballot while the committee is a nine member group. The final outcome saw those three elected, — Matthew Lavery, Ann Link and David McCorquodale — along with four write-in candidates. Lou Novak, as noted here earlier, won many write-in votes while Brian Good, Ron Hardy and Gregg Jocoy won far fewer write-in votes. Even so, the rules would place each of these Greens on the House Campaign Committee if they should accept the position. (Which all the candidates may not do, since the write-in candidates did not vote for themselves, and one of them would then be on both committees.)

One thought on “Green Party (GP-US) National Committe vote update

  1. Kimberly Wilder

    Reposting these comments from Gregg Jocoy because they apply to this story:

    Gregg Jocoy // Apr 7, 2009 at 11:17 am

    Despite an earlier email message to me explaining that votes cast for write-in candidates would elect the recipient, Steering Committee member Phil Huckleberry, the proposal’s floor manager responsible for the previous two votes failing for lack of a quorum, has ruled that three of the four write-in vote getters will not be seated.

    The by-laws of the Green House Campaign Committee say:

    Nine additional members, nominated by members of the Green National Committee (GNC) of GPUS, and elected by the GNC, using the standard rules for proportional elections set by the GNC.

    Thus far I can find nothing that says what “standard rules” are, but I have written Huckleberry to ask for clarification.

    I feel compelled to point out that this decision by Huckleberry, if not changed, would leave 4 members serving on a nine person committee. The bylaws would seem to say that this makes a quorum of that committee impossible until at least one more member is elected by the GNC.

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