John Hospers Turns Ninety-One

John Hospers, the Libertarian Party’s first Presidential candidate, turned 91 yesterday. He is best known for winning one electoral vote (a “faithless elector”) in the election of 1972.

I know it’s late, but happy birthday, Mr. Hospers!

You can read the Ballot Access News article here.

10 thoughts on “John Hospers Turns Ninety-One

  1. Jim Davidson

    Given the alternative of casting his vote for the insidious evil Richard Nixon, the guy who came up with the “war on drugs,” ended the last tie to the gold standard, ruined the private railroads with Amtrak and Conrail, ramped up the Vietnam war with carpet bombing of Cambodia, and engaged in criminal conspiracies to obstruct justice, among his many other crimes, I think Roger MacBride did the right thing. Faithlessness isn’t how I’d describe his action.

  2. Morgan Brykein Post author

    The unbiased term is seen as “faithless” because they are not faithful to the electorate, although, the electoral college isn’t faithful to the people anyways, what with the “winner take all” system and all.

  3. Gene Berkman

    Happy Birthday, Dr John!

    I was at Denver in 1972 and voted to nominate John Hospers for President, and I did volunteer work on his campaign.

    Roger MacBride’s electoral vote for Hospers – and against Nixon – was a little bright spot after the horror of Nixon’s re-election.

  4. Jim Davidson

    John Hospers has a low opinion of anarchists and radical libertarians. I therefore have a low opinion of him.

    Faithless is evidently not a trait that can be illustrated by a single act. The electorate doesn’t deserve faith, hasn’t earn faith, let alone trust.

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